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Golf Party -2yr- Back Yard Golf



April 2004


Leslie in Florence, South Carolina, USA

Honorable Mention

Miniature Golf

GOLF PARTY - AGE 2 For my son's second birthday, we had a golf party.  Guests were invited to a "PAR-TEE at a Par 2 golf course our backyard.  I sent out invitations to the guests letting them know the "Tee Time" and that golf course fare would be "Served at the turn."  I hot-glued a colored tee to each invite.

When guests arrived they got a plastic golf club (purchased at the local dollar store) and a score card along with stickers.  We placed a sign on the front lawn which read "PARKER'S PAR TWO GOLF COURSE."  The holes were in the backyard and color coded instead of numberd (two-year olds usually are into their colors).  I made golf flags using wooden dowel rods & colored felt.  I also stapled an instruction sheet for each hole to its flag.  Parents were told to play the holes with their children.  When their child completed a hole, they were to place a sticker for that hole on the score card.  The holes were:  

ORANGE - a sand-trap using a shovel, dig for 2 (remember second birthday par two course) hidden golf balls in the sandbox be sure to bury the balls for the next player

BLUE - water hole using a fish net, retreive 2 golf balls from a kiddie pool

RED - players hit two golf balls into a golf hole created from a store bought golf flag with attached hole which can be placed into the ground

GREEN - driving range using a small chipping net, players practiced their swings by hitting two balls into the net

YELLOW - putt putt using a store bought putt putt game, we created an easy putt putt hole

PURPLE - mini golf same idea as yellow, just a different store bought game was used (these were purchased at Target they were foam mats which linked together in a variety of ways)  I rented a golf cart for the day.  Parents took turns giving their children rides on the golf cart around the neighborhood.  I decorated the golf cart with balloons & a birthday sign for my son.

After playing golf & taking rides, we had a bite to eat consisting of food found on a golf course hot dogs, chips & beer (root beer, that is).  Tables were decorated with green table cloths.  For centerpieces fill buckets with balls and stick a small flag in the center.  I used green and white ballons tied to the backs of chairs.  I had real score cards from a local golf course laying around. 

I decorated a cake with green icing.  Using a darker green in one area, I created the "green" and used a stick pretzel and part of a fruit roll-up to make a flag.  In another area of the cake, I used graham cracker crumbs to create a sand trap.  In one other area, I used blue icing to create a water obstacle.  I used golf ball birthday candles I purchased at a local bakery. 

As guests left, they were told to take home their plastic golf club.  They were also given a Golf Coloring Book (I photo-copied golf images I found on the internet) and a green paper cup I filled with candy, a couple plastic golf balls and a small box of crayons.  I wrapped the cups with green celephane and tied with a ribbon.  Everyone had a great Par-fect time!

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