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Jan. 2004


cherie in akron,oh


Miniature Golf

The Big Break Birthday Party  My son turns 12 this year and we have something different every year. He has never asked to go anywhere except home , and his party is the party all the kids want to attend. Last year we did a fear factor challenge.

This year I chose The Big Break because it is a challenge game and the boys are all competitive. My husband is a golf finatic so I had all the clubs and golf balls I needed. I made this party after the actual Big Break golf show on TV we are inviting 12 boys. Each boy will come in and pick a club and the clubs will be in a bag on the end of the club will be a number dictating who goes 1st, 2nd and ect.

Then we have a putting area we are setting up in the garage with green grass carpet. The boys will each get a chance to putt and in this round no one is eliminated . Then outside we have 3 different obstacle that they will be challenged on 

1.Is a sand dune we took a sandbox that was my sons when he was younger and we are having them hit the ball from the dune into a flag with a hole just like in real golf. We will have them do this until there are only four players left they may compete at this hole until there is one winner but 4 still left the winner gets a mulligan for the next round. 

2. We have marked off 150 feet for the boys and they must hit the ball 150 feet or be the closest to 150 feet.We will have them do this until there are only 3 left with one winning . Each winner will get a mulligan to use for a second chance if he does bad the first time around.

3. We hung up a tire and the last 3 will try to hit the golf ball though the tire. This is very hard, but can be done. They will play till only 2 are left. Then the last two will continue on to the final round.

They will have to hit the ball over a piece of plywood without seeing the hole and the one who gets the ball closest or in the hole wins.  I am giving the top 3 winners prizes. The grand prize is a round of golf with my son and husband.2nd prize is 2 movie passes one for the winner and one for my son.3rd prize will be gift cirtificates for the local burger joint for the winner and my son.

Then I have made up crying golf towels for each boy along with candy and hacky sacks. I am sure this is gonna be a hit with the kids. Oh yeah this whole party casts me very little as I got one of the local golf course to donate the 18 rounds . I spent 10 bucks on movie passes and 10 for the gift certificates. I got the crying towels at Big Lots 2 for .99. I got the hacky sacks and the dollar store along with the candy for under 20.00. If I would've taken him somewhere like lazerquest it would cost me the same plus the 8.00 per kid for the quest.

This way I spend about  40 bucks and I am still the queen of birthday parties in my sons eyes and his friends. And to be honest that’s a pretty good feeling!

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