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Mini Golf Party 13yr Inside Golf



January 2005


Jillian in Pompton Plains, NJ, USA

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Miniature Golf

Indoor Mini Golf Party 13 Years Old-My birthday is in December and I have always wanted a Mini Golf party, but it's always too cold.  So for my 13th birthday, I had an Indoor Mini Golf Party! 

INVITATIONS:  We took thick cardstock and made a card.  On the front, we put astroturf for grass.  We took a skewer and a piece of construction paper to make a flag next to a black marker hole.  We got stickers of golf balls and put those next to the hole.  On the inside, we put….NAME WOULD LIKE TO INVITE YOU TO HER INDOOR MINI GOLF BIRTHDAY PARTY!  THE CELEBRATION WILL BE HELD AT ADRESS ON DATE AT TIME TO DATE AT TIME.  TO RSVP, CALL PHONE NUMBER BY DATE.  ALL SUPPLIES WILL BE PROVIDED, BUT YOU MAY BRING YOUR OWN GOLF CLUB IF YOU WISH.  And then we put another one of the golf ball stickers inside.  The invitations looked adorable! 

DECORATIONS/PREPARATIONS/FOOD:  We had a 13 hole golf course for 3 reasons.  We thought nine holes were too small, we didn't have enough room in our house for 18 holes, and (this is the reason we told our guests) we decided on 13 because the birthday girl was turning 13.  The golf clubs were strips of thick cardboard taped together with silver tape so it looked like metal.  We also wrote the guests' name on the golf club.  We bought golf balls at our sports supply store.  We had the 13 holes throughout my house. 

We started down in my basement.  To make holes, we bought a funnel for each hole, taped it to the ground, and the guests had to putt the ball into the hole in the funnel.  We used things around our house to make the obstacles.  We got sand from a craft store to put in paper plates to make an obstacle made out of sand. 

For water, we made a gooey ooey substance.  You need one and one half teaspoons Borax (from the laundry aisle in the supermarket), three fourths cup water, one fourth cup glue, reasealable plastic bag, blue food coloring, and 2 teaspoons glitter.  First, you dissolve the Borax in just one half cup of water.  Then, in another cup, mix together the remaining one fourth cup water and glue.  Stir it well!  Next, pur the Borax mixture and the glue mixture in the plastic bag.  Add a couple of drops of food coloring and glitter and seal the bag.  While the bag is sealed, knead the mixture until everything is blended.  Then, take a paper plate and cover with plastic wrap.  Pour the slime onto the plastic wrap for water obstacles! 

Back to the regular obstacles.  For example, we glued togeth 4 cardboard triangles with holes in the bottom for a pyramid, made tunnels by using paper towel rolls, slides by cutting paper towel rolls in half, made a village out of painted cardboard, and made a forest from toliet paper rolls and green construction paper, just to name a few.  We also made cards to keep score.  That was our decorations too.  We made sure to keep the part where we would be playing games and sleeping clear, though. 

For food, we had regular pizza, a buffet table with a green tablecloth and chips, soda, cookies, and other sleepover food, and for cake, we had a large sheet cake, put green frosting on to look like grass, and used frosting to make a hole, flag, and golf ball.  We took pretzels and put green gumdrops on the top to make a forest of trees.  For breakfast, we had white powdered donut holes (golf balls) and regular sized donuts. 

THE PARTY:  When the kids came, we had pizza.  Next, we started the mini golfing!  We explained the rules to each child as they were given their golf balls and golf clubs.  My Mom would be the scorekeeper.  After we played one round, we tallied up the score and the person who won got a pretty green bottle of nail polish (grass) and a white bottle of nail polish (golf ball).  Then we ate cake and opened presents.  The kids wanted to play again, so we did.  The person who won got a grand prize of 10 'coins'.  They were chocolate coins. 

After that, we played some regular sleepover games, like board games, crafts, etc.  In the morning, we ate breakfast and gave out goody bags. 

GOODY BAGS: We took green cellophane to make a bag, and we put some of that green grass you put in Easter baskets in the bag.  We filled the goody bags a coupon for a free round of golf, a golf ball and a tee for themselves (we kept the ones used for the actual game).  Each person got a different color golf ball and tee, but they were the same in a bag.  Like, one person got a blue golf ball and tee, one got a purple golf ball and tee, etc.

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