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My Piano is Turning -100yrs- Piano Performance



September 2001


Karla in Terrace. BC


Music Party

Our piano was created in 1902 - so next year is it's 100th birthday!!!    In February, when everyone despairs of ever seeing spring again, we are inviting our friends to our the piano's 100th birthday party. 

The only rules - everyone must play the piano at some point during the evening.   

Some musical friends of ours are researching music that was written in 1902 and will provide a concert early on in the evening.  

We've never named our piano - so there will be a box in the room for people to suggest names - for a present our piano will receive her/his first name.   The children who come with their parents will be invited to work on the large "birthday tiara" which we will make for our piano. 

At an appropriate time we'll open champagne - sing "happy birthday" to our piano and place the tiara lovingly on it's top. 

Then we'll serve cake - and distribute dust cloths and pledge polish to children if they care to work on the "birthday piano"  We might move our two harps and our harpsichord into the piano room as well - so the instruments can smooze for the evening. 

I have a history of the piano - from 1926 on - written to be read at some point in the evening as well.  Piano music all through the evening - I think we have enough friends who play to ensure that the ivories are tinkled continuously.

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