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Rockin Music Party -4yr- Make Your Drum



January 2013


Carli in Modugno, BA, Italy

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Music Party

My daughter loves to sing and so a music party was perfect for her 4th birthday.

INVITATIONS: For the invitations we made turquoise envelopes with girl drummers, guitarist and pianist on the front. Inside the envelope was a real concert ticket printed online. The ticket said, It's My Birthday Tour" "C (name of birthday girl)" and all the birthday info on it too! They were super realistic and cute too!

DECORATIONS: The colors were black pink and turquoise. There was a lot of zebra print too. We hung a silver string hanging decoration from the front entrance door with cds along the top. There was a red carpet a backstage area a music note birthday banner a zebra stripe and a black table cloth vinyl disks and several blown up photos of my daughter from a photo session she did with a guitar and drum set all over to indicate the various areas like the backstage dressing room stage etc. as well as on the dessert table for decoration and on the waterbottle labels too. There were black and pink balloons and cds and silver stars hanging too. We used instruments to decorate the rooms as well. 

ACTIVITIES/GAMES: When they got to the door they got their hand stamped with a star stamp and a backstage pass. Then when they opened the door there was a red carpet with silver stars on it with each kids name written on the stars. When they got to the end of the entrance there was a table with a zebra stripe tablecloth with concert gadgets for the kids: autographed photos sunglasses tatoos etc. Then they went past the "dressing room" where there was a huge rock star banner with the faces cut out hanging so they could take a picture behind it with the birthday girl. Then they passed the backstage area (which was perfect for the parents) set up with a pink faux fur blanket a black shag rug zebra stripe pillows a coffee table with autographed photos and coloring pages (if any kid was feeling shy) a table with plastic goblets and drinks too.

Then they went into the main room. There was a drum making station. Each kid got to make their own drum. My husband played the guitar and sang a few action/motion songs for the kids to sing along with. When they were done we played "musical instruments". We had tons of different kind of instruments and each kid had one. When the stereo played they could play along but when I paused it they had to move one spot over to the next instrument until they had tried all of them. Then they ate snacks. When they were done eating we finished up with a concert. Each kid got a turn on the stage (a real stage my brother-in-law built for my daughter) giving a concert. I put out a dress up bin and all the instruments so they could dress up and use an instrument if they wanted. We had a guitar and drums and a microphone that worked. I videoed each kid burned a copy and gave them as the thank you from the party! They were hilarious. After that we did cake and presents.

COSTUMES: The kids wore rock star clothes- torn jeans black pink and turquoise shirts with guitars etc. I painted the girls nails bright colors with a special black nail polish on top that leaves a cool steaked effect and did their hair too. They all had on their backstage passes and took photos in their sunglasses.

PARTY SNACKS: The food was a lot of fun! I made vinyl records (choc cake rolls) CD (donuts dipped in powdered sugar) rockstars (star shaped crackers) pics (pic shaped crackers) guitar strings (licorice strings) pop stars (star shaped cake pops) drum sticks (bread sticks- the long "cracker" type) and drum mallets (pirouettes with a marshmellow on the end). They each got their own waterbottle with personalized labels in zebra stripe print with my daughter's picture on them. They each got a micrphone cupcake made out of an ice cream cone and a cupcake and they sang Happy Birthday with their mic cupcakes. The cake was a drum. 

FAVORS: I got a great rock star kit from OTC. It had a stuffed star that said "You are a star" black sunglasses tatoos a backstage pass maracas a bell shaker handclappers and a pic necklace that said "Pick Jesus". They also got to take home the drum that they had made. And a pack of pop rocks!"

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