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Music Party -1yr- Musical Note Cookies



March 2008


Maureen in Milwaukee, WI USA


Music Party

I was looking for a party idea that wasn't into characters or the typical store bought theme.  My daughter isn't into that stuff yet, but she loves music, so here I am.  Also, my party is basically adults with 2 infants, so what I was reading didn't really fit the sort of party I was throwing.  I did get a few ideas from this website, but once I got my theme, it all just took off.   

The invites are a short video montage of her milestones from the past year, put to music and given out to everyone on a CD with the musical tones of play" this make a "note" of the date.    I found a great website that has all the music themed decorations that I couldn't find elsewhere 

I found music shaped pasta for a pasta salad I made finger sandwiches with white and wheat bread in the shape of a piano keyboard.  I bought a musical note cookie cutter to make cookies and croutons for soup. 

A melon ball fruit salad for "whole note" salad.  I made up a "playlist" of the food being served using music terminology and famous musicals.   I made all the adults participate in musical chairs. 

The party favors for the two infants were CDs with some great kids songs on it and a Hershey's Symphony bar with a "note" of thanks attached.   

I decided on cupcakes because of the ease of serving and then able to give my daughter her own cupcake and I just decorated them with musical note cake picks and colorful sprinkles.  "

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