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Music Video Party -12yr-



May 2007


Tressa in Boston, MA US


Music Party

Music Video Party 12 yr old- My older cousin asked me to plan this party and I have to say it came out AWESOME!! First, the invites were made out of black paper written really carefully in silver (those were the theme colors). They were somethig along the lines of: You have been exclusively picked out of 1,000,000 contests to film a music video with a new band called _____________! Please arrive at Walsh Record Studios on ______ at ______. Call to confirm ______ You will be singing the song _______. Plaese bring a black outfit. Congrats and see you there!!!!!. We sent the invites about 2 weeks before the party and all her friends commented about them.

She only had 5 people come, as this means less fights and less clean up!  When they all arrived, my cosin's lil' bro greeted them in a lil' tux at the door. He pretended to check their names and sent them into the Recording Room" He was so cute! Well the recording room was really the living room with all the furniture cleared out. On the biggest wall we hung black curtains (u ccan use sheets dyed black but we just did curtains)from a silver rod that was suspened from the celing with hooks (better than the wall 'cause nobody looks up @the celing.

We sprayed  silver glitter hairspray on it. I found that hairspray is easier to put on and theres no mess. Plus it takes 5 minutes and the glitter is evenly distributed. We also thename  of the "Band" on cool silver paper. On stage was a real mic attached to a kareoke  machine. When all the girls arrived they oohed and ahhed at the cool decor.

Then they practiced singing and dancing and who was singing which verse. When they could finally do the dance and sing perfetly it was time for the make up. My cousin showed me how to aply the mascara and eyeliner and all that. They painted each other's nails silver. Then they changed into their black outfits. We gave them silver jewlery and put silver hairspray and silver ribbon in their hair.

My uncle filmed their Music video and it was awesome! After the girls took pics of each other( at the door we gave them all disposable cameras w/ their names on them)in their outfits. Then we pigged out on pizza and soda a nd hunkered down in sleeping bags to watch the parent trap. While we were doing this my cous was filming a thank you that was later put onto the dvd. 

The next morning we feasted on bacon pancakes and sasagues. With a handwritten thank u we mailed a dvd copy of the Music vid with my cous' personel filmed thank you. Thet also recived the prints they had taken with their disposable cameras.  My cousin told me I was THE best and thanked me a million times for making her party so awesome. One of her friends asked me to plan HER party! Thanks and I hope this helps with your party. GOOD LUCK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1"

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