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Pizzeria Party -7yr- Parents Serve the Kids!



February 2007


Angela in Knoxville, TN  37918


Pizza / Fun Zone Party

Send out invitations announcing the grand opening of your child's pizzeria in your own home.  Pretend your kitchen is the Pizzeria kitchen and the family room is the restaurant dining area.  Make a restaurant sign with the child's name: i.e. Sara's Pizzeria and place in the dining area. 

Also make Italian flags to hang on wall next to the sign. Make personalized aprons in red and green (to go with the red, green and white color scheme which are the Italian Flag colors).  This is particularly good for Christmas birthdays since red and green are also Christmas colors. 

The red and green teams take turns making pizzas (children add toppings to pizza dough on a pie pan prepared by parents) and being pizzeria customers and servers.  (Personalized menus are made which servers hand to customers with that name.  They take their pizza and drink order and bring it to the kitchen. 

After adults prepare  the order, the servers go back to the restaurant and serve the customers.)  They play pin the slice on the pizza (while the other group is making pizza).  After everyone has eaten, we have an Italian lesson (teach children to say hello" and "I love you" in Italian) and do the chicken dance (using chicken dance Elmo makes it extra fun).  Italian music is played during the entire party. 

Party favors include pizza and tomato sauce recipe cards and a can of tomato paste.  We did this for my daughter's 7th birthday in December and it was a big hit!  The best part is that it was the cheapest party ever since we made the invitations and nearly all the decorations.  We also made all the food.  (In addition to the pizza we made cupcakes for dessert.)"

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