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Pizza Making Party -6yr- Pizza Delivery Race



June 2010


Dawn in East Moriches, NY USA

Honorable Mention

Pizza / Fun Zone Party

For my son's 6th Birthday he decided he wanted to have his friends over to make their own pizza's.  

Invitation: We ordered invitations that read Join us for a slice of fun at CJ's Pizza Party"

Decorations: it was very difficult to find pizza themed items so we used we used red and white checkered table clothes red napkins and plates.  We had red white and green balloons to give it an italian feel.

Activities: Arrival When the children arrived each child was given a white apron I ordered online and a chef hat to wear.  (these I made prior to the party with a band of white paper like a headband with tissue paper glued to it.  When you close the headband around the childs head it looks just like a chef hat)They then were each given the white cardboard top to a round tin take out container to decorate.  These would be used later for the children to take home any leftover pizza.

After all the children completed this activity we began making the pizza.  Pizza making I had purchased the pizza dough at the pizza place and cut it into 4.  Each child was given the round take out container to make their pizza in.  First we put a splash of oil on the tray.  Then they worked the dough around to the edges.  Each child was given a cup of pizza sauce and a cup of cheese to put on top of the pizza.  Then the pizzas were placed in the oven to cook.

Games:  While the pizza was cooking we played some games.  First we played a game similar to musical chairs.  I put red white and green squares on the ground.  the children had to move around the room until the music stopped.  When the music stopped they had to find an empty square.  If they didn't they were out.

When the children were out they were able to play the game Alfredo's food fight which was set up in another location.  When that game ended we played "pass the pizza dough"  I had prepared homemade playdough and tinted it yellow to look like pizza dough.  This was just like the game "hot potato".  If the children got out in this game they were able to play a game of pizza bingo while they waited for the game to be over.  ( I created this game using Word on the computer.   I made a table with 2 rows and 4 columns.  Using clipart of things like pizza slice delivery person cheese tomatoes olives and other pizza toppings.) 

When that game was over we played a "cheese" relay. Using white packing peanuts as shredded cheese the children were broken up into 2 teams. They needed to use a scoop to get the "cheese" and fill their teams container first.  When that activity was over we had a "flour" sack race.  I picked up white sacks at a local animal feed store to use. 

After all these games were completed the pizza was done cooking and cooled enough for the children to eat.  As the children finished eating I took the tops they had decorated to cover their leftover pizza containers and take home.

As we cleaned up from lunch the children participated in a Pizza Delivery Obstacle course.  We used a Little Tikes Deluxe Cozy Coupe(which was funny b/c the kids are getting too big for it) The children had to put a pizza box in the back of the car "drive" around a set of cones go down a dirt road(strip of carpet) and through a tunnel(refrigerator box)to delivery the pizza.  When each child had a turn we then had a pinata. 

It was the number 6 bought from Cedarhurst paper.  I made it into a pull string type by cutting a flap in the bottom and attaching one ribbon that would open the trap door and taped on enopugh string for each child to be able to pull one.  The children were all given a bag to put their candy in when the pinata opened.  

Cake: After the pinata we sang Happy Birthday with an ice cream cake.

Favors:  Each child was able to take home their apron chef hat leftover pizza and pinata candy.  It was a great party!! Everyone had a fun time "

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