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Kiddie Delight Party 5-7yr - Pool & Smoothies



May 2009


Ashley in Orlando,Florida USA

Honorable Mention

Pool Party

KIDDIE DELIGHT My daughter's birthday was one week ago and we had a lot to think about then.First she wanted to go to Chuckie Cheeses but she said chuckie is for babies,then she said Justice makeover but when she put makeup on,her skin breaks out.I asked if she wanted a sleepover but she said she will have one next since she didn't have enough friends to invite yet for a sleepover.So I was thinking,What is fun for girls,that doesn't involve makeup and babish stuff and a sleepover.So I thought a Kiddie Delight will be perfect in our backyard,she loved that idea!! Our grass in backyard is very green and perfect and does not have no weeds so all we had to do is trim the grass and cut it.We planted beautiful flowers too back in April so this party will be perfect.Chrissa's aunty was so nice enough,she rented a hot pink hot tub for the party in our backyard so that was so perfect.

INVATATIONS Chrissa and I made our invites homemade.I took her to our local dollar store and we bought the supplies for our invites like hot pink card stalks,these fabric flowers we saw at the store,fabric glue,a lime green glitter pen and 10 lime green envalopes.When we got home we made the invites.First take the hot pink card stalk and glue the fabric flowers on them.Then write the information like _____ is having a delightful party just for girls and you are invited as well.Why:Chrissa's delightful birthday party.When:May 9th 2009.Where:(your adress).Time:12:00 to 3:30.R.S.V.P:(your number).P.S Please bring your favorite swim wear and your delightful smile and were comfortable clothes!!Write all this down with you glittery lime green pen.Then when your done,put your invites in the envalope and write your friend's name on there and give to her.

DECORATIONS Our garden looked fantastic when we decorate it.The hot tub was included also.We put a large picnic table in on our garden and put kiddie cups,plates,napkins and utensils.Then we took a big smoth white rock and we painted the rock hot pink,We put our pink and green ballons down and our pink rock hold it so it wouldn't fall.We had a portable T.V with movies out there,a radio nad a smoothie stand were my husband made smoothies and sell the little kids woth fake money that we will give them.It was the best!!!

FOOD this involed our picnic table(not our smoothie stand because this is for snacks.)Since they come in lunch time we need some food.We ordered cheese pizzia,sauasage pizzia and pepperoni pizza.We had grilled some hot dogs and hamburgers.We had BBQ chicken and some cheese sticks.For the drinks we had pepsi,coco cola,Tropical Fruit punch and some water.

ACTIVITES They had three choices One choice is to swim,2nd choice is to paint and 3rd choice is for fake tattos.They had alots of fun.GAMES We played games and they had to earn fake money for.We made it fair so all of the money were 10 dollar bills and the smoothies cost 5.00.We played Jump rope competition,Egg scavenger hunt and musical chairs.I believe most of the girls had 30 dollars each.

PARTY SNACKS We had Chriisa'a birthday cupcakes,they got there smoothies and each of them got one small bag of chips.  On their free time I made them all go in the hot tub and watch HSM3.

FAVORS They all got hoop earings from claries,some candy,a little barbie doll and a bottle of nail polish and play doh.

REVIEWS Parents told me that this was a very good party for all the girls that don't get sleepover and girly things to.I felt the same way also and Chrissa thought that this party was better than a makeover party.I was so happy when she said that. I love Chrissa and she loves me to and I always want the best for her.I gave her a tiara for her to wear to school after the party and a shirt that said my party was the best!!

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