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Rainbow Party (1&7yr) Search for Pot O Gold



March 2001


Nancy in Old Town, Florida, USA

Honorable Mention

Rainbow Party

We had our baby boy's 1st and my oldest daughter's 7th birthday party combined this year with a cool RAINBOW theme!  It turned out beautiful!  We decorated with all the colors of the rainbow (red, blue, green, yellow, orange and purple) - streamers, balloons, table cloths, everything tied in! 

For entertainment we hired a puppet lady, and also had a search for the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow!  The kids loved this!  Once they found the rainbow (an actual rainbow shaped piñata), they received their goodies under it, in the pot of gold. 

The POT was actually one of the black plastic ones you can find at your local Wal-Mart during Halloween time, and inside I placed all their goodie bags.  Their goodies were inside clear cellophane bags where the rainbow colored goodies could shine through! 

We had miniature (wedding)bubbles all dyed (food coloring) different colors, colored silly putty, rainbow swirled suckers, and brightly colored beanie bears.  Then they gathered around to break into the piñata for more RAINBOW prizes!  It's very easy to find colored candy, and treats! 

For my son's own special prize to give away, we filled baby food jars full of colored candy (gummy bears, gum drops, orange slices, etc), and spray painted the lids rainbow colors, and placed the baby's first birthday poem on the outside of the jar.  "One year ago on (baby's birth date), a little angel blessed our lives. 

We named him/her (baby's name).  In the past year, he has learned so much, how to drink from a cup, feed himself, crawl, walk, talk, laugh and love.  (Baby's name) and his/her parents thank you for coming today to help celebrate his/her first birthday."  These turned out really cute, too. 

For the sleepover girls, we had fun tie dying tee shirts colors of the rainbow, and making mosaic tealight candle holders.  So easy - baby food jars, small cut pieces of colored tissue paper, clear glue, and a tealight candle!  The girls loved the activities and crafts and we had a super time!  It was a COLORFUL, fun party enjoyed by all!

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