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Rainbow Party - Crayon Scavenger Hunt



March 2001


Tracy in Fairborn, Ohio

Honorable Mention

Rainbow Party

Rainbow Party:

For decorations, I have every color of the rainbow (purple, blue, green, yellow, orange, and red) in balloons and crepe paper. We hung crepe paper from all the doorways in rainbow order and hung balloons down the doorways, on the mantel, etc. in a similar fashion. I also have plates, napkins, cups, and silverware of every color so they can have a rainbow place setting. I'm using the different colored napkins to put in the baskets for snacks, etc. I bought rainbow invitations and wrote in them using different colors. All guests were told to dress in rainbow colors.

For snacks, we're having rainbow Jell-O (I put in one color and let it set, added the next color, let it set and repeated until I had all six colors of the rainbow). We're also have rainbow vanilla wafers and skittles and m&m's.

For the cake, I'm making it all vanilla and then coloring the cake batter four different colors. Then I'm going to pour into the cake pan, bake for 12-14 min. and then add the next color, bake and repeat until all layers are completed. I'm then going to decorate it with a rainbow. Ice cream, of course, is rainbow sherbet.

For crafts, the kids can paint rainbows on their cheeks on hands (1 tsp. cornstarch, 1/2 tsp. water, 1/2 tsp. cold cream, food coloring. Mix cornstarch and cold cream until blended; add water and stir; add food coloring. Washes off with soap and water). We're also going to have a table where they can make rainbow necklaces (beads for the older children and froot loops for the younger ones). I have rainbow colored Popsicle sticks the children can make a photo frame and we're also going to have a guessing jar with skittles. The winner will get to take home the jar.

For games, we're having a relay where you tilt your head back and put a Skittle on your nose and have to walk forward until you reach the bucket and lean your head forward to get your Skittle in the bucket. We're also going to have the crayon scavenger hunt and a rainbow walk using the rainbow colored plates (the children walk in a circle until the music stops, the child on a certain color is the winner and gets to pick a prize (colored homemade play-doh); repeat until everyone has won. To finish it off we have a rainbow piƱata.

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