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Rainbow Princess Party -5yr- Rainbow Story



August 2007


Binder in Macungie, PA USA

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Rainbow Party

For my daughter Ruby's 5th birthday she wanted to have a princess party.  Since princess parties are really popular I wanted to make hers a little different. We decided that rainbows would be a fun addition and made Ruby's party a Rainbow Princess Party". 

The invitaions were made on yellow card stock that we stamped with (For: Where: Time:  RSVP:)  in red ink.  We filled in all the information relevant to the party it was 2 hours in length.  On the opposite side we drew a rainbow and wrote Join us for a Rainbow Princess Party. Underneath the rainbow we wrote Please help princess Ruby find the missing rainbow colors.  Ruby then decorated the envelopes with rainbow colors and each invitation was addressed to Princess and then the childs name. 

On the day of the party we decorated our screened porch with streamers in the rainbow colors.  I bought netting in all the colors of the rainbow.  In one of the corners of the porch we hung the netting so it draped down in the order of the rainbow colors.  Then there was a chair underneath that  was to be used for photos later. The 9 girls plus Ruby all arrived within minutes of eachother so we were able to start right on time.  I had rainbow coloring pages if we needed an activity to wait for everyone arrived but we didn't need it. I had the girls all sit in a circle and introduce themselves since they all didn't know eachother. 

Then we began the first activity which was a like duck duck goose but called rainbow princess.  Each princess would walk around the circle  and tap each princess on the head saying rainbow rainbow rainbow until she got to who she wanted to pick and then she would say princess.  At this time she would reach into a secret pouch and pull out a necklace in one of the rainbow colors and put it on  the princess.  Then the princess would follow the leader moving how she moved around the circle.  Then it would be that princesses turn to give a necklace to another princess.  Everyone got one turn except the last princess who got 2 turns so that everyone could be a leader.  Our second activity began in the same circle.  I read the girls a story that I had made up.

STORY:  (on the top of the 1st page was a beautiful rainbow) Once upon a time far away up in the sky lived a Rainbow princess named Ruby and all her princess friends. Princess Ella Princess Sarah Princess Lindsay Princess Emily Princess Allison Princess Ivy Princess Alexys Princess Eve and Princess Barbara all lived in the beautiful rainbow shining the colors down for all the people below to see. (2nd page had a dark cloud on it)

One day while the princesses were sleeping the very mean cloud witch stole all the colors out of the rainbow. (3rd page black and white rainbow) When the princess awoke they were saddened by the missing colors. What are we going to do they thought?  Princess Ruby said  we will just have to go down to earth and search for the colors and put the rainbow back together.  I told the girls they needed to come outside and find all the colors of the rainbow (red orange yellow green blue purple).  I gave them clues to find each color.

The 1st clue:  What is red let me look? An apple a tomato and even a book.  If you want to find red and be fair maybe you should look by a chair. (there were a couple chairs in the yard and one had a red box sitting on it.)  When they found each color they had to run to the middle of the yard where this large box with rainbow colors wrapping paper was sitting and leave the color there.

2nd clue:  What is orange let me see?  An orange a carrot maybe a key.  In the summer you like to get wet orange is swimming it's a sure bet. (a paper towel roll wrapped in orange paper was put in the kiddie pool there was no water in the pool for saftey purposes)

3rd clue:  What is Yellow let me see?  A crayon a ball and even a bee.  Where would you look for a pretty birdie? Most likely perhaps in one of the trees. (the kids ran to each tree until they found the small can wrapped in Yellow.)

4th clue:  What is green let me see?  Broccoli green beans and even a pea.  All of these things that you are fed could most likely be in this kind of bed. ( I had to ask them where all these things grow and then ran to the garden to find the green clue. ) 

5th clue:  What is blue let me think?  The sky the ocean and also ink.  If you want a castle for your very own.  Look where a dog might bury a bone. (sandbox was the blue clue). 

6th clue:  What is purple let me think?  A flower a ribbon and even a drink.  Purple is hiding high or low it's probably in something you mow. (purple was in the grass).   When they finished bringing all the colors back to the box I had the birthday girl put her hand in the box and start to pull out what was in it.  Then for the 3 other girls who didn't get to bring a color back they helped Ruby pull out what was in the box.  Out they pulled netting (like tulle material but bigger holes) all tied together in the order of the rainbow colors.  Then all the  princess held the material and they all ran around the yard with it for a couple minutes (putting the rainbow back in the sky). 

It was time to go back in the porch and I had some helpers set up the next activity which was 3 stations. All the princesses were going to paint a ceramic frame that I found at Michaels Craft Store that said princess on it.  I gave them rainbow colored paint to decorate it.  Then while they were doing that one princess was getting her picture taken and one princess was getting her hair beaded with rainbow color hair beads.  As all the girls finished at different times they were able to go out to the swing set and play with supervision until everyone was done which was about 5 minutes.  

Then we had them sit around the picnic table and it was time for dessert.  We had apple juice or grape juice to drink and the cake I had an amazing cake lady make was in the shape of a rainbow with little princesses flying around it.  We also had the icecream dots (in rainbow colors) and m&m's I took out the brown ones. 

As they were finishing up I started to get the next activity ready.  I used colored mats from our DVD candy land game and turned them upside down so there where no pictures on them.  I put them in a circle and had each princess stand on a mat.  When the music went on I would tell them to (hop like a princess or walk skip tip toe etc) when the music stopped I would pull out a paper that was one of the rainbow colors that matched the mats.  Whoever was standing on that mat received a pack of the candy smarties (which is as close to rainbow and we could get).  They really enjoyed this game.  Sometimes I would pull out 2 colors and a couple of the girls would win. 

Each princess won at least 3 times.  We had about 10 minutes left of the party after that   some girls wanted more beads in there hair and the others danced to the classical music we had been listening to. I took the material from what they used in the yard and made small scaves for them to dance with.  It was a great end to the party  as they were still dancing when their parents arrived. 

For the favors I had rainbow colored bags and we put in the necklace that they won from the first game the picture frame that they painted and there picture had been printed out and was now in it and the smarties too. The girls had a great time and it was a successful party."

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