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Rainbow Party -5yr- Catch a Ride on a Cloud



February 2008


Tanya in Berea, OH, USA

Honorable Mention

Rainbow Party

My soon to be 5 year old wanted a rainbow themed party.  

Invitation: I made an invitation on the computer with a sky blue background that said Catch a Ride on a cloud and follow the rainbow to Eleanor's 5th birthday party.. Don't forget to wear your favorite color". 

Decorations: Our local dollar store had cute fairy dolls in all the coloros of the rainbow so I boughtthese tutu's and plastic cars (the kind that pull back and then go when released. All from the same store (I was in the right place at the right time!). I used all of these for the decorations and then at the end of the party as part of the favors. I hung the fairies on the dining room wall in different locations. Then I ran the same color streamer from that doll around the room (across the ceiling - depending where the location of the doll was) and had them all meet at the wall behine where my daughter would sit for the cake.

At that point a made a rainbow angling from the top of that wall to the bottom. She has a dressup outfit that had rainbow wings that came off so I attached a fairy doll to these wings and hung in the middle of the rainbow. I then did the same thing in another room where my son's train table is but used the cars on the wall. I had the streamers run back into the dining room to the rainbow there (we have an equal number of girl and boy cousins so this was meant to cater to all of them). 

I put the tutus on a string and hung them on one of the walls to make a tulle rainbow. I hung the purses from out ceiling fan in the dining room and covered the table with a sky blue table clothe. I ran streamers down the middle of the table to make a rainbow. My daughter wanted each room to be a color so I accomodated her by blowing up balloons that she dispersed around the house into the rooms she wanted which made her feel like she had planned the party. We also hung some colored streamers in those rooms (mostly the bedrooms and bathrooms).  

Food: Down the middle of the dining room table I placed on top of the syreamers the following snacks: Red licorice salsa  Cheese Puffs Yellow (plain) potato chips Green M&M's (lucky time of year when I could get bags of them) Blue Corn tortilla chips Dark chocolate Hershey Kisses (wrapped in purple foil). Yes a rainbow of snacks. I made Chili and hot dogs but made a rainbow fruit platter (strawberries mandarin oranges pinapple green grapes blueberries purple grapes) and a rainbow jello mold (just layer different colored jello in a clear glass bowl - start with purple let in harden add blue let it harden etc.) By using the quick set method of making the jello I was able to do it in one afternood. I also made a sald and added as many of the colors - it would be easy to do a veggie tray as well.  

Cake: I then had cupcakes that were iced with blue frosting. I stuck Airheads rainbow candy on them - standing them up - and then used a plastic bag to pipe white frosting clouds around the ends that I stuck into the cupcake.   Games/Activities: We played pin the cloud on the rainbow and had a skittle race where you had to use your nose to push a skittle across the room.  

Favors: At the end of the party I gave each of the girls one of the colored furry bags with a tutu and a fairy doll in it. The boys each received one of the cars. They all received a goody bag with skittles candy rainbow tops rainbow crayons a rainbow notebook sun stickers and a few chocolate coins in a small plastic cauldron (I had these leftover from a halloween party).    "

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