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Robin Hood Party -5yr- Castle Ice Cream Cake



May 2000


Diane in Great Falls, MT USA

1st Runner-Up

Robin Hood Party

I had done Disney themed birthday parties the first 5 years of my son's life, when I decided I wanted to do one more and had no idea how it would be done, I then put together my own.  Robinhood Theme I did up invites off my computer with Robinhood that I copied out of one of their books on like parchment paper.  I put WANTED above Robinhood and the name Robin Hood in caps under Robinhood picture.  Then I did the invite on the other side.  I got this idea from the Wanted Poster in the movie. 

INVITATIONS Centered  ROBIN HOOD Is recruiting scouts Please report to Trevor's Campsite on (date) at (time) in the territory of  Sherwood Forrest (address) RSVP & Tell them Little John sent you.  I took a match and burned the sides to look like it had worn over time.  Careful - don't want it to go up in fire!  Actually worked really well. 

DECORATIONS I used the colors green, orange and purple and did streamers in those colors.  Then I put up a divider (green blanket) and put on castles I copied off.  This doubled for the wall to the Wishing Well.  Used orange, green and purple balloons.  Purple plates, Green cups and Orange forks. 

On the table I had a pillow wrapped up with red velvet which I put a jeweled crown on!  Idea from the KING.  Threw a few coins (fake ones) around the table.  Coins in the story that Robin Hood steals.  Table cloth green.  I did a banner that said Happy 6th birthday and put targets all over it.  I had all his friend sign the banner as they arrived and is now a keepsake. 

FAVORS/ACTIVITY/GAME (Tripled for all three) I used brown lunch bags and copied Caw (The Snake) on pink paper, cut them out and attached them to the lunch sacks.    I had little badges made up with their names engraved into each one.  Idea came from the Sheriff of Nothingham.  Mine said "Sheriff Mom" and it still sits on my desk today (now almost 3 years later). 

I filled the bags with gold coins (chocolate and bubble gum), but the grand event was the wishing well wall.  I took all the extras I had from the last 5 years of birthday parties (if you order from Oriental Trading they come in sets of 12 or a gross).  So I used up all them, the kids each actually filled up their lunch bag with goodies, from stickers, to crayons, animal combs and so on.)  They had a great time, I didn't have to do theme related favors and got rid of the overflow. 

CAKE I did an ice cream cake which looked like a Castle by using ice cream cones and turning them upside down and putting a Hershey's kiss on top.  Then I added windows by using Hershey's chocolate bars and breaking up the squares. 

ICE CREAM I made into the raccoons - put on the raccoon eyes.  Idea all the little raccoons that run around in the movie.  Fun had by All!

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