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Robin Hood Party -2yr- Favor Bag Pouch



June 2001


Sheila in Chattanooga, TN  USA


Robin Hood Party

Theme: Robin Hood for 2 year olds.  Party Hats: Robin Hood hats with a feather for boys Maid Marion hats (flowing bright color scarves attached to a cone shape to fit head) 

Favors: Small pouch made from fabric that resembles the hide of an animal with a draw sting at the top. Inside pouch: candy wrapped with golden foil that looks like coins (he robbed from the rich to give to the poor), bright colored plastic jewels, small plastic forest animals and tiny bows and arrows. 

1. Digging in a sand box for gold coins.  

2. Tossing rubber tipped arrows at a large target.  For which each child would be given a piece of candy for effort. 

3. Picking out plastic forest animals in a table top forest setting with spots of different colors on the bottom of each animal that correspond to a small gift the child would receive such as a small rubber ball small enough to fit in the palm of a two year olds hand. Tiny teddy bears that a two year old could hold in one hand. Bright colored bracelets and rings for little girl (Maid Marions).  

Decorations, Etc.:  Plates, napkins, invitations, balloons and cake decorations designed with Robin Hood and Maid Marion's faces.

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