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Robin Hood -5yr- Bow & Arrow Contest



April 2003


Patty in Cortlandt Manor, New York, USA


Robin Hood Party

ROBIN HOOD PARTY My son wanted a robin hood party when he was going to be 5. Tough theme, the stores had NOTHING! But with some ingenuity we had an awesome time.  Started with storebought invites of castles, put little stars and shiny beads in it to fall out when they opened the card. 

We got cardboard boxes from our local buy in bulk stores for free and I drew and used a utility knife to cut out cardboard swords. I spraypainted the handles black and the blades silver. I got marked down party hats of princess themes and long shiney Christmas ribbons marked down at our local craft store.

When our guests arrived I read them a shortened version of Robin Hood (Very appropriate for 5 year olds!) Then they decorated their swords with jewel beads, and star stickers.  The girls taped long ribbons and tule to their maid marion hats.  The hard prep was for the sachets, made of green felt & fabric glue. The kids decorated with clear craft glue (stronger than elmers, easy to use, no odor) shiney ribbon, jeweled beads and star stickers, ran the twine through the holes I made with a hole puncher to hang off their shoulder.

Some boys got creative and fashioned a "quiver" to hold their arrows. Then we had a bow and arrow contest (my kids owned from the disney store-pocohontas) where they had to shoot through a hoop.  We had a gold coin hunt, they stored them in their sachets. We had a #5 pinata, again the candy went into the sachets. 

No need for party bags, they had enough to carry! They traded in their gold coins for prizes bought at the dollar store, but then they got their coins back because we take from the rich & give to the poor.  Great time in spite of pouring rain outside - glad we didn't cancel!

Oh our cake had green forest trees from the craft store, did find an indian bow & arrow for dolls, but used as a cake topper. The kids still talk about that party 1 year later!!

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