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Britney Spears Party - Pin CD on Britney



March 2001


Stephanie in Deltona, FL         United States

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Rock Star Party

Britney Spears Sleepover  Are you totally into this queen of the charts? Throw a Radical, pop princess, over-night party to show your Spears support! 

Basics: Lay out party time, date, and rules with your folks. What rooms are off limits? What is lights-out time? Who can I invite? Invite a small group of good friends who get along with everybody else. Small parties are easier altogether to tend to and just as fun as big ones.  

Invitations are simple. Xerox the front of the "Oops, I did it again" CD (make enough copies for each invited guest). Back the pictures with cardstock paper and print clearly on back = Ticket: Admit One to Britney Spears' Celebrity Bash at (your address, party date and time). Stylish dress required. Hope you can be there to celebrate years of great performances by our favorite superstar! Send invitations out two weeks in advance preferably.  

For Decor, hang up a legion of britney posters. Then add some pink and purple streamers and butterfly shaped balloons (or normal round balloons) for complete authenticity and pizzazz. Color coordination and pics of things like butterflies and fairies (Brit's trademarks) make for a snazzy party ambiance. Keep all Brit's CD's and concert videos playing in the background to keep up the theme. 

For a gnarly menu, listen up. Snacks and sippers: pink lemonade, butterfly shaped sugar cookies, vanilla cupcakes iced pink and purple, and pretzels with pink dip (white chocolate mixed with food coloring).

For dinner, this is where the theme coordination ends. Have something traditional (slightly boring but good altogether) like mac and cheese, pizza, fried chicken, etc. 

For games, try this twist on pin-the-tail-on-the-donkey. Hang up a poster of Britney with her hand outstretched. Then make some Xerox's of the front of her "Baby one more time" CD and back them with cardstock paper.

Put a little double-sided tape on the back of each "CD". Give one to each guest, twirl them around three times, and see if they can put the CD directly into Brit's hand. ("Help britney find her CD") Play hot potato with a rubber ball and have the DJ use you-know-who's songs.

Play pass the parcel too. Wrap up a Britney notebook in about 12 layers of newspaper. Then play music and pass the parcel around. When the music stops, player holding package removes one layer of wrapping. Keeps going until prize is revealed (person who does final unveiling keeps the notebook). Also use the boombox and Britney's cool grooves to have dancing and karaoke contests. Offer prizes like Spears folders, posters, stickers, etc.

Finally, just before bedtime, slip into your PJ'S and pop "Britney Spears heart to heart" in the VCR. Watch while munching popcorn and s'mores (you can make these during the party if you want or have mom prepare them last-minute). Settle in for the night. In the morning, pile into a car and go out for donuts and hot chocolate…still in your sleep-clothes!

You can also have traditional sleepover things like makeovers (nail polish, face masks, foot soaks) play truth or dare, charades, limbo, etc. Hope you have a blast!

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