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Britney Spears -6yr- Oops We'll Celebrate Soon



March 2001


Michele in Hilton Head Island, SC, USA

Honorable Mention

Rock Star Party

My daughter turned six recently, and wanted a "Britney Spears" party.

For the invitations, I purchased CD covers from the dollar store. Downloaded a picture of Britney off of the internet, for the cover, and made a Lyrics page insert on the back of the photo cover. This is what you might say.."OOps, we've done it again! We played Britney Spears, Got lost in the hits! Oh baby, baby.

Oops, we'll celebrate soon, we want you to come, so say that you will!! (RSVP info on this page). Then, I inserted a blank CD and handwrote with a paint pen the date, time, and where the party would be held on the CD.

For the actual party, we had a real stage and gold fabric backdrop with huge glitter stars hanging down. Rented a light machine and karaoke machine. There was no need for additional entertainment, as the kid's had a BLAST with this! I found "Britney Spears" pretend microphone's at the dollar store, so that each girl would have her own mic. 

Decorations were gold and silver stars hanging all over the room, Britney posters, more gold fabric, star confetti on tables. Centerpieces were real silver boom boxes with star and butterfly wands(also, from the dollar store) coming out of the tape deck. With lots of metallic shredding, too. Gold Star shaped plates, star napkins tied with star garland.

I purchased from Ebay, a certified autographed photo from "Britney" to my daughter! The girl's thought this was sooo cool!

In the grab bags, which were plastic purses(from Micheal's) with a "britney spears" sticker (from gum machine at a local restaurant) on the front of the purse. In each purse was the microphone, star bracelet, feather necklace, candy, sequin key chain coin purse, lip gloss, etc.

I also, made a separate "fake"stage with a poster of "Britney" and runway with lights(Christmas lights)- this was where each girl had her "photo shoot" done! Lots of Britney music and dancing. I made up a "Britney Bingo" game and they played pop the Britney balloon ankle game!

This party was a HIT!!!!!!

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