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Rock Star Party -9yr- Guitar Hero Contest



April 2008


Dawn in Coplay, PA   USA

Honorable Mention

Rock Star Party

Our boys are really into guitar hero, so when it came time for our middle son to pick a theme we came up with a Rock Star one. 

INVITATIONS:  I used black cardstock as the base, on one side I glued a black and silver flame paper stripe.  On top of that and off to the side I glued a white paper w/ the following written in deep red and black using a distressed font:  You're invited to Party Like a Rock Star at Josh's 9th birthday!  Date:  April 12, 2008  Time:  2:00-4:30 pm  Venue:  Josh's house  and at the bottom:  Have your people call my people at xxx xxx xxxx.  I then used red shiny star stickers to give it them a little more.  They turned out great. 

DECORATIONS:  We decorated the basement with a lot of Christmas lights hung all over the ceiling.  I used white and colored.  There is a very large screen tv down there, and that is the area where most of the party was going to take place.  I used a folding table, with the legs flat that my husband sturdily positioned on cement blocks, as a stage.  I covered the table w/ a black table cloth and colored lights.  Above the stage I placed a paper disco ball that I found at a party store.  We outlined the tv with lights too. 

I also placed eight chairs in rows like a concert for them to sit on when it wasn't their turn.  As the children arrived they walked up the red carpet (which we had to put in the garage, since it was raining) and the red carpet was 2 plastic red table cloths that I cut to the width I wanted the carpet to be. Along each side of the red carpet I drew stars w/ each of the party childrens names in one.

I had spray for their hair, red and glitter, and all of the children couldn't wait to get that! (I did ask each parent as they dropped off their children if they minded them getting their hair sprayed) 

ACTIVITIES:  The first thing we did was paint plaster of paris stars that I made using the tin foil star cupcake tins.  I made these ahead of time and used a straw to make a hole at the top.  They painted them w/ acrylic paint and they had a blast doing this!  The stars really got cool!  We left them in the garage to dry and went down to rock out. 

First we played a guitar hero tournament for which my husband set up a tournament bracket for.  I had the numbers 1 through 8 written on one end of a popsicle stick and had them in a cup.  They each drew a stick and the number on the end was the order that they would go it.  I also did this with the songs for the game.  They drew a stick and that was the song they had to play.  They had so much fun playing against each other and rooting each other on when it wasn't their turn. 

They were also up dancing and clapped for one another when they were done.  We turned off the lights and had just the Christmas lights on and passed out glow stick bracelets and also sunglasses in neon colors. As they waited their turn we served popcorn, Chick-fil-A nuggets and macaroni & cheese.  This tournament took about a good hour.  After the tournament we sang happy birthday and set up the American Idol game for Wii. 

The birthday cake had a drawing of a rock star w/ a guitar w/ the #9 on it and instead of Happy Birthday" it said "Party like a rock star Josh!" 

Then they were on to play American Idol.  All of the children but one participated in this game which is just like karaoke.  Out of the seven 3 made it to Hollywood and the others cheered them on and danced.  It was a lot of fun.  These two activities bracelets cd and pop rocks and the stars they painted in the beginning of the party.  It was surely a rockin' party and they all had a ton of fun!   "

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