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Rockstar Party -9yr- Back Stage Pass Invites



January 2008


Suzie in Rockwall, Texas USA

Honorable Mention

Rock Star Party

My daughter who was turning 9, wanted a Rockstar birthday."  First we made invitations we found a girly skull and made it into a watermark image and typed the details of the party and said VIP ALL ACCESS. 

The invites were made to look like back stage passes.  I went to Walmart and bought Id badge holders that come 24 for less than $2 then I tied black satin ribbon through the top to wear around their necks. 

2. CD: We copied her favorite songs that held the theme of "Party Like A Rockstar."  We made Cd covers as if it was her demo saying "album drops 1/21/08" the date of the party. Inside the cd cover we typed an agenda of what was in store and used the watermark girly skull image again.  There were tips of what to do and bring.  Sunglasses papparazzi is everywhere etc. 

3. Backstage Rider:Using the idea that the big stars use when demanding things for their dressing room I also incorporated gift ideas.  Title was "Things Ashley Must Have In her Dressing Room." I listed things that said m&m's-no brown ones nacho flavored doritos lipgloss microphone for practicing then in HOT PINK (gift ideas) I put items like gift cards Miley Cd Jonas Bros Cd etc. 

We hand delivered all 15 invitations to her friends in envelopes that read "Fan Club info".  Inside was a note instructed them to be sure to wear the VIP pass to the party (great way to keep up with everyone at the mall)  The kids loved it. 

The decorations: Oriental Trading Co had just come out with "Girls Rock."  I purchased the plates and the personalized banner that read "Happy Birthday Rockstar Ashley" then color coordinated black hot pink and silver plates silverware napkins.  I bought 12" stars in black and silver and hung them around the banner. 

Then I found music note cutouts and hung them everywhere.  I don't normally like streamers but I decided to use them.  Black Hot Pink White.  Tablecloth was 3 yards black satin material from Hobby Lobby and hot pink and zebra felt squares for the center.  From the photo shoot we made a magazine cover poster size and framed it. That was hung above the table and accented with hot pink and black tulle.  It was the highlight of the party.  It will be hung in her room for her to enjoy from now on. 

For the day of the party we met at our house and transported the kids using 3 vans to the mall for Ashley's album recording.   We arrived at a Kareoke studio and all the kids were surprised and were able to record themselves singing.  The papparazzi followed up everywhere (the family with cameras." After the kareoke studio we had a mall photo scavenger hunt lead by adults that also gave the engineer time to finish the cd.  We were split into 3 teams of 4-5 and followed the clues such as" This store it is unique go here they have freaks.  That store was "Hot Topic" and they all had to get a photo with an empoyee with either piercings tats or bright colored hair.  Then they went on until security stopped us halfway through.  But that was ok.  We had a plan.

We took the kids to Wendy's to eat then back to the house.  Once home we organized a neighborhood scavenger hunt and asked for items like a square button or a fishing worm.  The kids loved it and it was a lot of fun.  After the team that completed the list found us our team did not give up until they found everything.  It was a major sense of accomplishment for them. We went back to the house for presents and guitar cake.  While we were eating cake the cd they made was playing in the background.  The kids laughed at themselves and complimented others on how they sounded etc. 

After that all the girls were invited for a sleepover and they played freeze dance American Idol using the adults as Simon Paula and Randy. We finally wound everyone down with High School Musical 2.  We popped the dvd in and they settled down and sometime in the wee hours everyone fell asleep.   The girls were sent home with their own copy of the cd we made as their goody bag.  It was great a lot of work but hopefully one she will remember.  I know I will!     "

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