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Jonas Brothers Rock Party -10yr- Hula Hoop Relay



September 2009


Kelly in Ridley Park, PA  USA

Honorable Mention

Rock Star Party

My daughter loves the Jonas Brothers so she wanted to have a party with JoBros as a theme. I decided to have a Rock N Roll Jonas Brothers Party for her 10th party...So I made invitations on my computer

INVITATIONS: You are invited to MY DAUGHTERS NAME....(RECORDS,Guitars AS DECORATIONS)Rock N Roll Jonas Brothers Party...DAUGHTER NAME and her friends are going to be rock stars for a day with their favorite guys..Kevin, Nick and Joe

DECORATIONS: Me and my husband downloaded pictures from a website and made our own Backstage Passes"with each girls name it..(with #'s on the back for prizes later)I decorated the living room w/posters of the band I hung Stars and records from the ceiling and stars on the floor balloons with musical notes cups and plates with records on the.  I had a bulletin board at the front door with the guys pictures and the passes hanging on strings for each girl to put on as they arrived..It also had stars w/all the girls names on them.The theme colors for the party were purple pink and black. I also had an autograph book so all the guest could sign and leave my daughter a birthday message.We had streamers in all three colors..

CAKE:I had a cake made w/my daughters picture on it & I bought gummy guitarsput them & pictures of the Jonas Bro that I cut out from a magazine on the cake. I also made cupcakes in the three different color frostings and cut out pictures of the band and put them on popsicle sticks and stuck them in the cupcakes.

FOOD: We had pizza chips pretzels cookies and I brought out my fountain that I have for parties and put in cherry juice and they got a kick out of that! My daughters attire for the party was her Jonas Brothers t-shirt w/the bands picture on it jeans skirt w/leggings & her JoBro pins Everyone was asked to wear something with the theme on it.

We made rock star wrist bands(I got them at Wal-mart along with the decorations glitter glue a couple different stones and paint to write their names I also ordered rock n roll tattoes from Oriental trading and spray paint for their hair to streak them like rock stars.

GAMES: we played the hula hoop game where each girl holds hands and they pass the hula hoop around their body and on to the next person without breaking the chain of hands.(on the same lines as music chairs)when the music stopped whoever has the hula hoop on them is out. They love that game and it is fun to watch!

They played freeze dance w/the Jonas music. I bought blowup guitars and microphones and they used them to dance& sing.and I bought rock star sunglasses & red wax lips which they loved. We opened presents and then we had some prizes for everyone. We called out #'s on the back of the backstage pass and everyone went home w/a prize..

FAVORS: Me and my husband made bags w/the Jonas Brothers picture on it and filled it with sunglasses wax lips tattoos and musical notepads. My daughter and her friends still talk about what a great party it was..I sent thank you notes with a picture of all of the girls  It was a fun party to plan!"

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