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Party Like A Rock Star -2yr- VIP List RSVP



June 2010


Tessa in Panama City, Fl United States

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Rock Star Party

Invitation: For our invitations, we took my son out one afternoon with all of his instruments" and his "Rock Star" attire and took pictures of him in action. We even got a good one of his little sister as his groupie in the back ground. After choosing our favotite photos I put together an invitation done in Photoshop with the title "Party Like A Rock Star". In the invitation we asked everyone to "Come and Rock Out @ Corbin's Birthday Gig". After all the details the guests were instructed to add their names to the VIP list my calling Corbin's Manager (me of course).

I made VIP badges for all the kids who RSVPed with their names in a laminated lanyard that they received at the door. (We had extra for anyone who didn't RSVP). We had them printed up and everyone loved them and kept them because it was covered with pictures of my son (and duaghter) doing what he loves!

Decorations: We had a lot of fun with decorations. I printed star shapes with "Rockstar Corbin is turning 2" typed in the middle of them in all the colors of the party which was red black and silver. I printed them on cardstock and then cut them out and posted them all over the place. Anywhere people were going to be we put up stars. I also printed larger stars with the words "Are" "You" "Ready" "To" "Rock" and put them down on our walkway to show the way to the VIP Entrance.

Once they got to our doorway their was a sign on the front door that said "VIP ENTRANCE (Just tell them you're with Corbin". When they walked in the VIP Entrance they walked right into a shimmering black curtain that they had to walk through to get to the VIP area. Inside we had tables set up by stations.

The first station was the "Props" Station with glowing bracelts necklaces and star-shaped metallic sunglasses. Then they moved on to the "Tattoo Shop" where they could choose which Rock Star themed temporary tattoos they wanted. (The adults had fun with this one).

Next they moved onto the "Hair & Makeup" Station which had black red silver and glitter hair spray along with mousse and hairspray to spike their hair with. We had glitter makeup for the girls. Then we had the Rehearsal Stage (which was actually our living room) where we had Guirar Hero Set up. This was great for the older kids and even kept the adults entertained. I highly recommend this to keep the party going for all ages.

Then you moved onto our sunroom area where "Stage 1" was located. We had a huge banner that covered the walls that looked like stage lights and then the whole area was covered with inflatable guitars keyboards drums microphones saxophones etc and every musical toy we could get our hand on. The inflatable instruments also doubled as our take home gifts for all the guests. To set the mood we had the party later in the evening and ordered blinking balloons that said "rock" on them. We placed these everywhere and they were a hit! Kids wanted to take these home.

We also hung lights everywhere! Activities: Other than the Guitar Hero we also had a small sound system set up in the sunroom and I bought the Kidz Rock CD's (cheap online) and we played Rock Music sang by kids all night. The kids grabbed their inflatable instrument of choice and jammed and danced all night. Of course we threw in some cha cha slide etc.

We also had a craft station that consisted of colorful foam picture frames and a bucket of glittery foam stickers in the shapes of stars music notes guitars etc. Everyone got to make their own picture frame to take home with them. These were also a hit with both kids and adults. I had some go around with our camera and make sure to get photos of every child that was at the party having a good time so that I could send it to them as out thank you note so they could put it in their handmade frame from the party.

Costumes: We found a shirt for the birthday boy that said "All American Rock Star" on the front. We decked him out in temporary tattoos and spiked his hair into a mohawk and sprayed it with silver hairspray with black streaks down the sides. His little sister had a shirt with a guitar on it that said "my big brother rocks" and she had a handmade tutu in the colors of the party on. M

y husband had a black shirt on that said "Security" and I had on a shirt that said "Manager" (remember the invitation). All the guests were asked to come in their "Rock Star Attire" and we had some great costumes at the party. Party Snacks: We had Red Koolaid for the kids with star shaped ice-cubes and RockStar Energy drinks for the adults.

For food we had star shaped peanut butter and jelly sandwiches and star shaped rice krispy treats along with other finger snacks. My son had a microphone shaped cup for his birthday cup. Cake: We had 2 different cakes because we had a lot of family (adults) as well as all of our sons friends. We had a key lime flavored drum cake for the adults which was grey with red and black lettering. It looked just like a real drum.the same size and everything. It said "Corbin Rocks" on the top. For the kids we had a guitar shaped cupcake cake. 

Favors: As mentioned before we let the kids take home their choice of inflatable instruments as well as the light up necklaces/bracelets they choice at the beginning of the evening and their star shaped sunglasses. We also had a lot of tattoos left over because of the large quantity they came in so lots of kids went home with lots of tattoos! Everyone also got to take home their VIP passes from the night.  Overall it was a blast and everyone is still raving about it.

Everyone had a blast from 2 month old babies to my sons great-grandparents. Everyone danced the night away! We got lots of thank yous the next day from parents thanking us for wearing their kids out.everyone slept really good that night."

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