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Rosk Star Party -8yr- Name That Tune



May 2002


Corene in Murphys, CA. USA

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Rock Star Party

My daughters is turning 8 in Sept. 2002.  She wanted a ROCK STAR theme party.  I am starting to plan this party now, because it falls on Labor Day weekend and most families make plans.  Earlier this month I took my daughter to the USHER concert in Marysville.  She was fortunate that we new someone who worked for the artist and got her backstage.  She not only had her backstage pass signed, but also got the singers T-shirt and a picture with him.  This Labor Day weekend my very good friend is promoting a concert with some groups such as LIL" BOW WOW, B2K, IMMATURE, etc in a city about an hour away.  I called ahead of time and got the girls passes for backstage, and an area for cake and ice cream, etc. 

INVITATIONS: I am taking the picture that my daughter took with USHER for the front, the back will be done on the computer stating Admit One: to Ayanna's 8th Birthday Concert Bash, Venue: Our address (I will call parents for approval of trip before invitation is passed out), Pass Valid: 10:00am till whenever we get back, Day, and Date, Contact: our phone number. I am stating that RSVP is a must in order for child to attend for several reasons.  I am also making it a sleepover in case we get back late in the evening.  And asking that they bring warm clothing and jackets since weather may change. 

TRANSPORTATION: to the event will be provided by the girls all being picked up by Limo.  The driver will go the door and hand the girls a goodie bag.

GOODIE BAG: Cotton draw-string backpacks with there name stitched into each that also states Ayanna's 8th All-Star Concert Birthday Bash and the date. ITEMS: Sunglasses, CD with one song from each artist at the concert that my husband will have made for each of the kids. Label will have Artist, song and Party information for memories, Autograph Book with Girlie Pen, Earplugs, Music themed toys, Candy, Throw away camera, Glitter Lip Gloss, Body Glitter, Gift Certificate to the Record Store, and Musical Notes tattoos. Once the kids are in the car we will stop at my house to drop off some things. 

DECORATIONS: Handing from entry and ceiling in house will be CD's hanging on clear string that will make a disco ball effect. Music playing, chips and dip, etc. GAMES: Musical chairs to songs by the artists we are going to see. With prizes of their music being given away or other music memorabilia.

We will also play a version of Name that Tune where I will write down Lyrics to some songs. Several of the lyrics will be from the artists we are going to see. Then I will ask  then what these songs have in common. When they can't figure it out, I will clue them in that we are taking the Limo to the concert. IM sure their looks will be very excited. While the excitement is going I will have my daughter open her gifts.

FOOD: On the way we will stop for Pizza and Soda. My daughters aunt will have the birthday area already set up at a private backstage area when we get there.  I have arranged to have the group B2K sing HAPPY BIRTHDAY to my daughter. Then time for cake and ice cream. 

THANK YOU NOTES: I have also arranged for each of the girls to take pictures with the singers. I will then take the pictures and have one 5x7 and 10 wallets made of their picture and include it in their thank you notes.  It should be an experience of a lifetime for these girls. And I couldn't be happier to help make it happen.  My daughter goes to a lot of concerts so this is not new to her.  I must say though, the fact that a child is able to meet a person they idolize only on television or hear on the radio is truly a moment they will never forget. 

If you know someone try to pull some strings. $100 tip for limo driver ( we know the guy who owns the company and he is providing the transportation for the singers, so don't worry he's makin money.) $20 for the CD's go to Costco. $20 for the invitations. $50 for the Pizza and Soda. $100 for the goodie bags for 10 girls. $50 for the gift certificates and $10 for the labels for the Take home CD's. GRAND TOTAL $400 (Priceless for the experience of a lifetime for these girls.)

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