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Rockstar Party -5yr- Fabric Paint Rocker Jeans



February 2006


Sommer in Beaverton, Oregon

Honorable Mention

Rock Star Party

For my daughters 5th birthday we had a ROCKSTAR party! I made cute invitations on the computer with a microphone and stars, but birthday express has really cute rockstar invitations as well. I talked to moms that I knew were bringing there daughters and asked them to help with different parts of the party.

The morning of I decorated the house with silver stars I had purchased from oriental trading, and lined the walkway with star confetii. I divided the house into five "stations" one was for nails (manicures) and I had a variety of different nail colors for the girls to choose from and a mom to paint. I put nail polish remover, cotton balls, Q-tips and paper towels to help the "manicurist" then when she was done painting the girls nails there was a yummy smelling lotion that she would rub all over the girls hands, just like the real thing.

Another station was for toes prety much the same as nails just a different mom and pepermint foot lotion insead!

Next station was for hair. I picked a mom that liked to do hair to be the hair stylist. I set up a bar stool and attached a mirror that I had picked up at a garage sale to the wall. I had a curling iron out as well as a spray bottle with water and lots of other hair things. Because of simplicity the mom mostly did two french braids in the girls hair, and finished by spraying glitter hair spray that I had found at a party store, the girls loved this. This station definitly took the most time so be sure to send girls there right away.

Another station was a make-up station, I found little make-up kits at the dollar tree, and bought one for each guest. I put a star tag with each girls name on it so they wern't using eachothers make-up. I leaned a big mirror up against the wall and put all the make-up kits on the floor in front of it so they could sit on the floor while the put there make-up on. This was a good station for the girls that were waiting for hair, nails, or toes.

The last station was the "fasion" station. My daughters birthday is at the end of the summer so I collected lots of cheap jeans at garage sales and jeans she had worn out or outgrew, holes are okay in the world of rock! You could also ask friends to give the ones there kids have outgrown! I made sure there were plenty of extra jeans since I did't know all the girls exact sizes. I purchased fabric pens(NOT puff paint), fabric glitter, and pink and purple gems. I guessed on there sizes and then handed them a pair of jeans to try on, to see if they fit. When they found one that did they got to decorate the jeans there was a mom in charge of the glue gun to help girls put on the gems and then we just let the girls decorate away! We had a tarp down to keep our carpet from getting decorated as well.

We just rotated kids around from station to station, till they were transformed into ROCKSTARS! When they had been to every station, I had them go into my daughters bedroom and put on there rockstar jeans. I was able to find matching shirts for .99 cents so they wore those with them, but as long as you specified no dresses you would be fine with whatever shirt they came wearing. We then had cake, I purchased awesome rockstar partyware from birthday party express, it is pink and purple my daughters favorite colors.

I made microphone cake by putting cake batter into ice cream cones and baking it like cupcakes. You have to experiment with how much batter to put in to get the microphone look! After cake I gave each girl a blow-up electric guitar from oriental trading. We played my daughters favorite CD's and they danced till there parents came to pick them up! In all the party was about 2 and a half hours.

This party required a lot of work and preperation but it was worth every minute the girls had the time of there life!

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