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Rock Star Party -9yr- Fake Rock Guitars



October 2007


Karen in Flower Mound, TX, USA

Honorable Mention

Rock Star Party

My son was turning 9 and really wanted to do a party for friends at our house. Since Guitar Hero is a big hit with him and his friends we created a Rock Star party theme.

The invitations consisted of a badge holder and lanyard that I purchased at an office supply store. The invitation was designed to fit in the badge holder and could be worn to the party. The front had an illustration in bright red, orange and black with a black silohette of a guitar player and said All Access Pass" Hunter's Birthday September 29. RSVP:  Have your people call my people by September 22. 12 invitations were sent and 12 RSVPs received within only a couple of days. Everyone responded with fun sayings like can't wait to rock out with you. We had 100% say yes.

We turned the media room to the party room and created a light show that included strob lights black lights and others that were purchased online (about $100 for a complete kit). We used a fog machine we already owned to set the stage and a mix of music including Disney artists like the Jonas Borthers to create the mood. On party day the kids arrived and as we waited for everyone to join the show we did a customize your guitar activity.

My husband used made wooden guitars for each child and painted them in rock star red metal black wicked white hot pink and green day green. Each child used stickers (Michael's) and markers (Sharpie Markers) to make the guitar their own. Most children came dressed up and we also had pink and red hairspray (Party City) earrings (Party City) spike bracelets (Oriental Trading Co.) and tattoos (Oriental Trading Co.) to add if they wanted.

After everyone was dressed to rock we headed upstairs to start the Guitar Hero competition. The child with the highest score won a special prize - the Jonas Brothers CD ($12). Since only two children could play at a time we had the others create a name for the band. We covered one wall with a large roll of paper and had them write the band name suggestions grafetti style (in flourescent highlighter markers - they glowed with the black light) on the wall as well as any other birthday messages. Pizza was also out for them to eat while the others played. After the Guitar Hero competition ended and everyone snacked on pizza we started to make the video of the band.

The children had blow up microphones (Oriental Trading Co.) guitars and some had drumsticks. We played the song "We're the Kids of the Future" by the Jonas Brothers and the lip-synched played the guitars and danced to the music. We used our home video camera to record the performance. We did several takes to make sure we were able to include all of the children. After we completed the video shoot we had cake and opened presents.

The cake was made in the shape of a guitar and frosted to look like a white guitar with red flames. We made and decorated the cake ourselves. After cake presents were opened and goodie bags were passed out. The goodie bags were black canvas bags with rock n roll printed on them(Target $1 spot) and included tattoos(Oriental Trading Co.) microphones (Oriental Trading Co.) crazy sunglasses for the boys (Target $1 spot)and a rock star necklace for the girls (Target $1 spot). We did a little editing to the videocreated a DVD label with the winning band name and sent a DVD to each child with their Thank You card.

The children and the parents loved it all! And it wasn't any more expensive than going to a party somewhere else. It just took a little imagination and time to make it rock. "

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