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Rock Star Party -6yr- Personalized Rock Star Shirts



December 2007


Meredith in watkinsville georgia usa

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Rock Star Party

For my daughter's sixth birthday, she wanted to have a rock star party.  She is very into the High School Muscial and Hannah Montana type music.  I thought this would be pretty fun and simple, so we went with  it.  The party turned out to be the best one we've thrown yet! 

First, for invitations, I had my sister-in-law (who is more computer savy) print up some invites on the computer.  They were shaped like concert tickets--long and thin---and had Girls Rock at the top with a hot pink electric guitar.  Your Invited to Party Like A Rock Star with us at Ivey's 6th birthday party.  Then they listed date, time, etc.  At the bottom--Reserve your backstage Pass by calling Ivey's Agent.  At the very bottom, they had the little scan lines and her birthday for the numbers underneath the lines.  They really were cute! 

Decorations were as follows:  I decorated one side of our garage to look like a stage.  I covered it with black paper and then hung one of those shiny silver foil curtains from Party City in the center.  I trimmed everything out in purple paper to make it look more finished and like the curtain part was the entrance for the stars.  Then I added different sized metallic stars purchased at Party City to each side and to the top. Since our colors were hot pink, black, purple and silver, I used purple,pink and silver stars.  I put one big star front and center above the shiny curtain. 

It had Happy 6th Birthday Ivey written on it.  On the floor in front of the stage, I placed boxes which I painted black and decorated to look like speakers.  I just used packing boxes.  These were really easy to make.  I also had a toy microphone stand out and a really cool disco light that you plug in.  The ball spins and flashes 6 or 7 different colors.  I bought it at Party City for $20 and am sure I will use it again.  The kids LOVED it.  On each side of the shiny curtain, there 8 or so pealized balloons in pink and silver (got them from Party City, too.). 

On the other side of the garage, I had a table set up for food.  The table was covered in purple and I had black and pink plates, etc.  All was purchased at $Tree.  I sprinkled star confetti on the table and put the cake in the center.  THe cake was really cute.  I took the electric guitar pinata that I bought from Party City and traced it on poster board.  I then baked and chilled two rectangluar pans of cake.  I used one to cut out the bottom part of the guitar and the other to make the handle part.  It was iced in bright pink and details, strings, etc. were done with different candies.  My daughter loved it!!  At the party we had several different stations.  I used a puprle table cover and one of the stars to create a dressing room on the back wall.  Here the girls changed into shirts which I had made for the event.  They also got their hair styled with a rock star do.  I bought several types of glitzy hair things from $Tree and some glitter hairspray from Sally's Beauty Supplies. 

Okay, let me tell you about the shirts before moving on.  I designed them and had a local printer print them up for me.  THey were a huge hit, great for pictures and super party favors.  On the front the said Ivey and the Rockers" because this is what my daughter wanted her rock star band's name to be.  The dot over Ivey's I was a star and music notes and stars were around the title.  A large hot pink electric gutiar lay on it's side below.  2007 was printed under the handle part.  ON the back of the shirt it read...The Birthday Tour IVEY with special guest  Ali   Lizzie   Kay etc.  All of the guests names and 2007 under that.  Everybody loved them.

The girls rotated through stations of hair I bought necklaces stick on earrings bracelets blow up guitars etc. from Oriental trading.  After everyone was ready we played a lot of songs downloaded from itunes(lot of Kidz Bop versions of popular Gwen Steffani Avril Alicia Keys etc. songs alos HSMusical and Hannah Montanna songs) and the girls got on the stage with their blow up guitars and mics and pretended to be rock stars. 

For a little break (intermission) we played a few games like Pass the microphone (I saved up several of these for props and games when McDonalds was giving the American Idol ones out in Happy Meals) Rock Rock Star (duck duck goose) and Freeze dance.  After this the girls learned some dance moves.  I had Ivey's dance teacher come and teach the girls some choreography to a couple of their favorite songs.  They performed on stage for the parents at the conclusion of the pary. 

Finally cake was served presents opened and a guitar shaped pinata broken. Everyone really bragged about how much fun their daughter had at the party.  Ivey loved it and that was all worth it to me."

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