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Rolie Polie Olie -1yr- Styrofoam Ball Zowies



Nov 2002


Debbie in Union City, CA


Rolie Polie Olie Party

I just had a Rolie Polie Olie party for my 1-year-old daughter. I had a very hard time finding any RPO items other than the tableware, so I came up with my own ideas for center pieces, favors, and games.

For the center pieces, I painted 2" and 2.5" styrofoam balls yellow. I glued them together, and used red and black self-stick foam sheets to create the eyes, ears, nose and mouth. I used pipe cleaners for the antennae, hands and feet, and attached pompom balls to the ends of the pipe cleaners for the hands and feet. I also used felt for Zowie's dress and Olie's pants. I glued each figure on white cardstock that I printed up various size and color circles on them. Everyone loved them!

For the kiddie bags, I took yellow lunch bags and placed colored circle stickers all over them (they are actually garage sale price stickers). I placed smiley face stickers, Kaleidascopes, primary-colored pencils, crayons, balls, crazy straws, and RPO stickers in the bags.

I also printed up color pages from the Disney website and placed the pages on a table for the kids to color with the crayons in their bags. To close the bag, I created stickers with my daughter's picture on it saying "You're Okey Dokey in my book! Thanks for celebrating my 1st birthday with me!"

For party favors for everyone at the party, I saved 2-ounce babyfood jars and filled them up with lemonhead candy. I covered the lids of the jars with yellow sheet stickers, printed up circle stickers with my daughter's face on them, and placed the stickers on the lids of the jars. I then made an antenna for the jars with pipecleaners, and rolled the end of the pipe cleaner to make the ball of the antenna. They were little Rolie Polie heads with my daughter's face. This went over very well with everyone at the party, and they were very inexpensive to make!

I also made a "Pin the antenna on Zowie" game, and made the antennae with pipecleaners.

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