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Rolie Polie Olie -3yr- Bean Bag Toss Games



April 2005


Alison in Oceanside, CA USA

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Rolie Polie Olie Party

For my son's 3rd birthday this year, we did a RoLie PoLie OLie (Play House Disney) birthday party theme. I handmade invitation postcards with the images of OLie and his friend BiLLy on the front of them. I used the stamp set "Simple Shapes" from Stampin' Up! as well as their wire, foam dimensionals and mini square and circle punches. I printed out "Come Celebrate RoLie PoLie style!" on vellum and attached it to the front of the invite. On yellow card stock (base of the invitation) I printed the party details using our computer printer. You can view the invitation on our family web site at  

The day of the party we decorated the house with red, yellow and blue balloons and crete paper.   My neighbor decorates cakes and so I had her make the cake for the party. She printed off a picture of OLie from the Play House Disney website and then did a pattern transfer onto a regular sheet cake. You can view a picture of the cake at  

For the party activities, I purchased plain white foam visors from our local craft store (Michael's). My son loves to uses my rubber stamping supplies and so I thought it would be fun for the kids to decorate the visors with rubber stamps. Before the party started I had covered our kitchen table with a yellow plastic table covering from one of the local party stores. I put down scratch paper down in front of each child's chair and layed out the visors at each chair.

Since the children at the party were going to be between the ages of 20 months and 5 years I decided to use my stamp sets "Crayon Kids", "Crayon Fun" and "Crayon Alphabet" (so they could stamp their names). I supplied the children with multiple pigmented ink pads in the colors of blue, red, yellow, orange, pink, purple, black, and green. I also provided glitter for anyone who wanted to make their hats "sparkle". The project was messy but the kids had a lot of fun and made some wonderful visors. You can view the visor I made for my daughter at After the kids finished their hats, I set them in the laundry room to dry while they continued with the other activities. 

Another activity we did with the kids involved bean bags I made for each child. (They got to keep them at then end as party of their party favor.) I was trying to find RoLie PoLie OLie material at the fabric store, but had no such luck. Instead I used a material that appeared to have planets and stars on it. (Since RoLie PoLie OLie show begins with outer space and him and his friens are always pretending to be space rangers.)

For one of the bean bag games my husband created a target for the kids to toss at. He took a cardboard box and cut the base of the box at an angle so that it would tilt towards the kids. He then cut a large circle on the top of the box which would be where the kids would throw the bean bags at. We covered the base of the box using some of the yellow plastic table cloth we had purchased for the kitchen table activity. On the circle my husband cut out, he attached a picture of OLie and his sister Zoie he found online. On the back of the carboard circle, he affixed a dowel rod which also fit through the sides of the box. The picture of OLie served as the target and if the bean bag hit it, the circle would rotate verticly to allow the bean bag to drop into the box.

For this game, we had the kids make a line and let each kid take a turn at throwing three bean bags at the target. We decided not to award prizes to the winners since we had such a large variety of ages and abilities. To continue with the bean bag games, we had relays where the kids had to run/walk from one end of the room to the other with the bean bag on their head. If the bag fell, they had to start over again. We also played hot potato as well.  

For the goody bags, I used a cellophane bag (again from Stampin' Up!) and filled it with sunglasses, bouncy ball, squirt gun and curly straw. I tied the bags up with red, yellow, and blue grosgrain ribbon and attached a tag saying "thank you" (again all Stampin' Up! crafting supplies).   The party was a huge success. All the parents loved the activities and theme of the party. I hope our party can be an inspiration for others.

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