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Roller Skating Party -12yr- Donkey Shaped Pinata



May 2007


Joyce in Bellevue WA, United States


Roller Skating Party

I did this for my 12th birthday party, because I was on a 180 budget. At my local skate rink, it doesn't cost much to have a party of 18 people.

I also did the fiesta theme because my friend gave me a piñata shaped like a donkey. If you don't have a pinata, don't sweat, they're only around 15 bucks.  

About 2 1/2 weeks before the party, we sent out invitations and I made them RSVP by a certain date, so I could make reservations at the skate rink. If there isn't a skate rink near you, you could always go to the park, but I recommend going to a skate rink unless it is absolutely impossible. Since if you do it at the park, people would have to bring their own skates.  About 1 1/2 weeks before the party, you should make reservations. No later than this because if you are going to a skate rink, you don't want your time to be reserved already.

About 1 week before the party, we went to party city, and to decorate, be got balloons and ribbons in bright hues of green, orange, and red. This really helps the Mexican theme. I put up fake cactus trees, you don't want too many, only 3-4 maybe even 2, unless you have a big place, because you don't want the trees to overpower the scene you want to create.   My mom  and I researched fiestas and found out that they announced a fiesta with bells and fireworks. So we hung bells on everything that could be moved(such as the door) and printed pictures off the internet of fireworks, and we hung them up on the walls of the entrance.   5 days before the big day, order any extra games you want to play, but I don't recommend too many, it may be hard to play games on skates. Also order any extra things you want to add to the party.

If your skating rink allows you to bring food other than cake, plan your menu, and get your supplies. I recommend a burrito bar, and let the kids pick out their own toppings. Also, buy your candy for the piñata (I recommend Mexican candy), and things for the goody bags.

I recommend that you give out something that is related with sombreros, something related to cactuses, maybe some Mexican candy from the piñata, and something related to maracas. 

3 days before the big day, we ordered the cake, or make the cake and refrigerate.

2 days before the big day, we found my outfit. You never want to wear a skirt if you're skating, unless you have leggings or something. I had found a Mexican poncho to wear, and my mom got a big sombrero(Is that how you spell it?). Don't worry moms, if you don't want to wear a big sombrero it's okay, but my friends and I (even my mom) had a big laugh about it.

One day before the big day, talk with your mom/child about what you are doing, what is being eaten, etc. That way there is no miscommunication.  

No later than one hour before the party, pick up your cake.(Unless you're making your own)and prepare any food along with the cake.

In the party, I recommend you play tunes that the kids want, but make sure that at the end, play a Mexican fiesta song.  Have fun!

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