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Car Themed Skate - Red Light Green Light



April 2007


Crystal in Thomasville, NC USA


Roller Skating Party

I rented the local skating rink for a 2 hr private party session for my sons indoor party in December.  It's the perfect spot for little boys to burn some energy. 

I used white cardstock and printed birthday invitations of the Cars themed.  I designed the invitations to look like admission to a race and included Admit One --- Race on Over to ____'s Bithday Party ---- Place Time Location --- Pitstop will include tires (doughnuts) and juice (lube)." along with Cars clip art.  I was able to fit 3 invitations per paper so very cheap invitations.   

Since the party was close to Xmas red plates and napkins were on sale and I purchased a plastic Mater table cloth for presents and a few black/white checked plastic table cloths to eat at. 

Thanks to my discount Krispy Kreme card I was able to buy 3 dozen chocolate iced sprinkled doughnuts & get 3 dozen glazed free for about $20.  I thought the doughnuts could be called tires and would be something different than cake. I had plenty of juice packs for the kids and soda/water for the adults.  

Games & Entertainment- with a skating rink luckily keeping the kids having fun was easy.  I bought the Cars soundtrack for the dj to mainly play along with the classic skating rink songs.  We played games like Red Light Green Light hokey pokey lucky dice and limbo.   

After about 1hr of skating we had a surprise guest arrive! My mom was insistent that we have a Santa this year so we bought a nice costume & bag on eBay.  When I knew he was in the parking lot I announced on the microphone for everyone to clear the floor and that there was a surprise for everyone.  Santa came in with his sack of toys and we put on Christmas songs.  Santa posed with each child for pictures and gave them each a small wrapped gift.  Boys got a hot wheel to go with the Cars theme (.33 after coupon at Walgreens) girls got a lip gloss set (.25-clearance from Target dollar spot) and toddlers/babies under 2 got a plastic bathtub boat (.50-$2/pk of 4). They were small party favors put the kids loved getting them from Santa.  Santa got a dozen glazed doughnuts to take home as a thank you then we went in the party room.  This took about 30 minutes. 

In the party room I put a #5 candle in a doughnut for my son to make a wish.  My son opened his presents and by then we had about 5 minutes.  I cleaned up after the kids while the presents were opened & my dh took the presents to the car as I helped the kids turn in their skates. 

Finishing up- the dj put on a sock dance song which is the best way to finish up a skate party.  If you've never done a sock dance the kids get on the skate floor with socks no shoes.  The dance involved hopping sliding and spinning usually and is a great way for the kids to wind down and leave the party on a happy note. 

I was able to have a Cars theme party that my son loved and I purchased very little character themed party supplies.  It would be easy to change this theme to a general car or Hot Wheel party at any location with a Red Light Green Light game hot wheel race etc.  "

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