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Rock Star Roller Skating (4-6yr) Zebra Tutu



February 2011


Jennifer in Metairie, LA  USA


Roller Skating Party

My girls (4 and 6) wanted a Roller skating party! I wanted something a little bit different and a whole lot of fun. We booked a private 2 hour party at our local skate center. I love this option because we had the entire place to ourselves to structure the party how we wanted it.

This particular skate center provides beginner skates that go over shoes in addition to regular skates and rolling walkers made out of pvc piping for little ones to hold onto (which parents loved) Parents are also able to go out onto the floor (with or without skates) to enjoy the party and assist their little ones. We also picked all of our own music. We decided on a girl's Rock Star theme!

INVITATIONS- I went to vista print and customized a really nice guitar invitation that they had to look like a backstage pass to a rock concert. The invitations were black with a guitar outlined in bright fun colors. I ordered them in a high gloss finish and completed the look by punching holes in the top and attaching lanyards that I bought on eBay for a great price.

The front had in a stencil font  VIP All Access Backstage Pass" on the back they read: "Party Like a Rock Star at Kaitlyn's 6th and Aubrey's 4th Birthday Party" The date and for the place we put "venue" for the RSVP we put "Call and get your name on the list" with my name and number.

DECORATIONS: we decorated everything in hot pink black white and Zebra print. The tables had black table cloths with a fabric zebra table runner and hot pink plate ware.

ACTIVITIES: the party was 2 hours we let the kids skate for a little over an hour and then did cake and had the kids return to the floor in regular shoes for games like red light green light across the entire floor limbo and dancing to hokey pokey chicken dance etc.

GAMES: the games were handled by the DJ of the skate center who did a great job and they provided prizes of free skating passes to the winners.

COSTUMES: my girls matched the d├ęcor with monogrammed shirts with their name over their initial zebra print petti tutu skirt with hot pink trim and matching leggings and bow.

PARTY SNACKS: I find it more cost effective to do things myself :) we had a huge sandwich platter with all the sandwiches cut out in the shapes of stars chips salsa custom designed sugar cookies and a 4 foot long subway style sandwich for the parents on a board covered in a hot pink table cloth.

CAKE: both of my girls had matching two tier fondant cakes that I made. The bottom tier was white fondant with black zebra stripes the second tier was hot pink fondant with geometric black and white circles and dots. There were stars attached to wire shooting from the top of the cake with the number they were turning and streamer like curly cues made from fondant to top it off.

FAVORS: our favors were hot pink favor boxes purchased from Walmart and we includes a glow stick necklace glitter microphone ( from Rhode Island Novelty) a disco ball necklace star frame sunglasses and a star shaped sugar cookie that said "Rock Star." 

This was a great party even Dads were complimenting me on everything which speaks volumes to me. The party ended with my birthday girls being invited into the DJ both to say Thank you to all their party guests over the microphone for the building. I would do this party again in a heartbeat."

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