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Roller Skating Party -10yr- Sleepover At The Rink



June 2000


Libby in Guntersville AL USA


Roller Skating Party

For my tenth birthday party I rented out the skating rink for the whole night.  That cost about three hundred dollars so instead of bringing me presents, I told all of my friends to bring ten dollars to get into the rink. 

I invited a lot of people, probably about fifty in all.  It started at ten o clock and lasted until six the next morning.  All the guests had to come in their pajamas. 

We provided all the snacks and breakfast (donuts and orange juice) the next morning.  Really, it wasn't that expensive. 

The rink gave us all glow sticks and bubbles.  We roller-skated to our favorite music all night long.  We also played on scooters and did the hokey pokey. 

I am turning fourteen in march and my friends still all talk about that party!

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