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Tea and Scrapbooking -5yr- Dolls Included



January, 2000


Kay in Enterprise, Alabama, USA


Scrapbook Party

For my daughter's fifth birthday we had a tea party.  I used an inexpensive pink bed sheet as the table cloth with white tulle on top (less than $1 a yard at Wal-Mart).  I bought an inexpensive porcelain tea set with roses on it for the girls to drink from.  This set the tone for the d├ęcor. 

We had fresh roses (pink of course) to decorate the table and gift table.  Each girl was asked to dress in Sunday best and bring her favorite doll dressed in similar fashion.  We gave a beautiful necklace to each girl and each one also made a "wreath" for their hair, with flowing ribbons. 

Also, as a take-home gift, I took a Polaroid of each girl and their doll, and we made a "scrapbook page" for each of them to put in a three-ring binder.  I painted with paint pens each girls name on the front of the binder.  I got the binders on sale for less than $1 each. 

Each girl embellished her page with stickers that were teapots, etc.  The girls had a wonderful time sipping tea and eating finger foods elegantly served. 

We also had a "guest register" for each girl to sign that went into my daughter's scrapbook page. 

The cake was two-tiered, and looked similar to a wedding cake (but no columns in between).  It was one of our least expensive parties, but really the best.

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