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Snow Tubing Sleepover -10yr- Igloo Cake



February 2008


gloria in Ephrata, PA, USA


Snow Day Sleding Party

My daughter and I planned a fun winter birthday party for her 10th birthday. The party started with sending out snowmen invitations to 4 of her friends. 

After arrival, we left for a local snow tubing ski resort.  We spent 2 hours tubing on Super bowl evening so there were virtually no lines:) 

After tubing we headed home and had hot chocolate and pretzels on our ride home.

Once home we had a fire in our fire place. My daughter had decorated the den as an igloo spa with homemade snowflakes hanging from the ceiling, a penguin on the door and icicles on the entrance and walls. 

We did a paraffin wax treatment for each girl, and each girl did her nails.  In pajamas, we then watched the movie the Snowball Express" and had snacks.  We had planned on smores the girls spent the night for a sleepover. 

The next morning they enjoyed a breakfast complete with homemade waffles and toppings of strawberries blueberries and whipped cream. 

The cake was an igloo cake made of cream filled donuts and a snow tube on top with a snowman made from donut holes- the hat made from a small peanut butter cup and scarf from fabric. The table was decorated with snowflakes and had blue and white sparkles hanging from the lights. 

For crafts we decorated gloves with fabric paint- each girl did a great job and they were very creative.

We also played several games- one with seeing how many words they could come up with from the word snowflake pass the snowball- a ball that looked like a snowball- with the winner staying "frozen" til spring and a snowman wrap where they took turns wrapping each other with toilet paper and decorating each other like a snowman. The winner was the one who completed the roll first and completely covered the snowman. We took lots of pictures and videoed much of the party.

Each girl received a gift bag with a snowflake theme and some pampering things along with the gloves that she made. We later gave each girl a picture of the girls posing at the tubing lodge.

This was the most fun party that I have planned for my children and everyone had a great time since it was so different in the middle of the winter."

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