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Winter Carnival Sleepover - Snowball Relay



December 2009


Melanie in Knoxville, TN USA


Snow Day Sleding Party

INVITATION - I made the invitation by cutting snow decorated paper into a 5x7 size.  I printed the details in a snow type font on vellum paper (so you could see the paper underneath) and adhered to the snow paper with snowflake brads.  I also used a snowflake punch in a couple places of the vellum.  

DECORATIONS - I found these big snowflake lights and put them at the front door and some in the sleeping room.  I also put plain white strands of lights around the sleeping room.  I had some snowmen and snowflake garland placed around the party areas.  I found some really cute snowflake plates that had blue, purple and silver colors so I got purple cups and blue napkins and used a white tablecloth. 

ACTIVITIES - We roasted marshmallows in a fire pit, played games and danced to very loud music.

GAMES - We played Roll-A-Snowman where you draw a part of the snowman based on what you roll on the dice.  I made a poster that showed each possible dice roll and next to it the part of the snowman the girls were to draw (head, body, arm, etc.) 

We also played SNOWY Bingo where I printed off game cards with different winter themed pictures and instead of BINGO at the top it was SNOWY.  I also printed off a bunch of small cards with all the pictures on them and put in a bowl to draw from. 

We played Snowball Relay in which we divided into two teams and each player got a straw.  Each player used their straw to suck a cotton ball to the end of the straw and run to the other bucket and drop it in.  You could omit the straw and pick up the cotton ball or use white Styrofoam balls. 

There was also Wreath Toss with 20oz soda full soda bottles and a small grapevine wreath that they tossed around the bottles. 

All games had prizes the girls could win.  I picked these up from the dollar bins at Target, Michael's and JoAnn.  

COSTUMES - The only required costumes were jammies and coats!

PARTY SNACKS - We served hot dogs, bagel bites, chips, and snack mix with punch and water.

CAKE - I had a sheet cake made that had 2 snowmen out in the snow.  

FAVORS - I made little tags for the goody bags that had a picture of a snowman and the girl's name and printed them on white cardstock.  I attached them to the bag with curling ribbon.  Inside each bag was a small bag of white-snow cotton candy, snowman pencil, candy, and a lip-gloss ring.

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