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Winter Snow Party -11yr- Snow Forts



November 2010


Julie in canada


Snow Day Sleding Party

For my upcoming birthday, I want a winter themed slumber party, since it's in February.

INVITATIONS: Made from white card stock, a snowman with a scarf, and a cute little hat. There's 3 compartments, one for each snowball. There it lists the date, time, etc.

DECORATIONS: Ok, I'm going crazy about decorations, so the main colors are white silver, and blue. You know, blue, and white streamers, maybe just bunches of balloons in the main colors. But my main focus is the front lawn. I'll just go to the dollar store, buy a huge piece of poster board, and make a sign, that will list -----'s party!" with balloons on it. Since there aren't very many winter themed decorations out there I'll just go with the idea of buying a blue table cloth some maybe sparkly silver cups and a fancy white plate.

ACTIVITIES: When my guests start to come (There's only 3 sleepovers are messy!)my little sister is the coat taker we call it. She takes all of their coats and bags and puts it where ever. I'm going to give my guest a tour of the house when they are all here and then we head into the living room. I organized a neat little thing. We all make our mii's on the wii and we just play. You know a little wii sports some band hero and just chill. Eventually we're gonna play a board game such as the game of life.

GAMES: game 1: snow fort decoration. Before the party starts my sister and I will create two snow forts just plain snow forts. Then each team(2 on a team) will decorate the snow forts with many different things to put on like a flag or they could just create things from snow. Then the judges (my mom sister and dad) vote for the one they like. Then we have a snow ball fight in them. Again the judges are allowed to vote once more to see how well the strength of the fort is. The winner receives a chocolate bar of their choice.

Game 2:snow molding contest. Each person creates a snow sculptor of course the winner gets a chocolate bar or a type of candy of their choice.

Game 3:sledding. Just plain sledding on a big hill that my dad makes. Just pour water on it and there you have it. Also we are going to use our sleds and buy a few more. The person who creates the best kind of slide wins.

Game 4: snowflake scavenger hunt. My mom hides 19 snowflakes made from paper all over the house. Up and down stairs. The person who finds the most wins.

Game 5: snow fashion. Each person receives a picture of a lady in her normal clothes. Then that person draws whatever they think could keep them warm. Everyone gets a chocolate bar for this one.

Game 6: dress your hot chocolate. Everyone gets normal hot chocolate. But there will be whip cream chocolate shreds peppermint all kinds of things in the center of the table. After this we order pizza.

FOOD: our hot chocolate the pizza and s'mores. Plus earlier I put out some munchies like Cheetos and chips. Afterwards I open presents then we eat cake.

CAKE: a 2 layered cake with icing sugar over it to look like snow. And my name is on the top. A cute little polar bear is holding a sign with my name on it. And snowflakes on the sides. It's going to be vanilla cake though. After that we are doing more stuff.

Game 7: get accessorized for winter. We will have a bunch or make up maybe even face paint. And before that we design t-shirts! We take a black fabric marker and draw something or a pattern. Then we color it in!

After that we get the shirts on put our makeup and stuff on and since my dad is a pro at taking pictures he will take different poses of us. Then afterwards we goof off or play another board game while eating popcorn. I don't see the point of watching a movie at everyone's party we don't ever watch it! In the morning my mom makes bacon and blueberry or chocolate chip pancakes. After we clean up its time to go!

FAVORS: a miniature blue basket filled with winter themed things and the pictures of them in their poses! also some make up. I can't wait for my birthday! "

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