Idea No.


Wizards Magic



December 2000


Lindsay in Saugus Ca USA


Theme Restaurant Party

For my 12th B-Day party I'm taking 7 of my friends to Wizardz (a place on city walk where you watch a laser show, magic show, and get a 3 course meal). After that we are going back to my house to have a sleepover.

We are then going to eat cake and ice cream and open presents. The room we're going to sleep in is going to be lit by black lights only.  I'm also going to half black butcher paper bordering the all's so we can doodle on it all night (we are going to use construction paper crayons so it will show up).

We are also going to play a game where you wrap a king size Hershey bar up with wrapping paper or news paper . You pass it around like hot potato but when the music stops the person unwraps it as much as she can before the music starts up again.

Whoever unwraps the last of the paper gets the candy (usually we all share it though). We are also going to play a game called "bug". You make a caterpillar out of pom-poms, foam and pipe cleaner. You place the bug on people without them noticing and when they notice they place it on someone else, etc.

You have too tell everybody how the game woks or else they won't know what to do when they find a weird looking bug sitting on them. This game lasts all night and is really funny! I can't wait until my party!!! :D

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