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JoJo's Circus Party -2yr- Magic Show



February 2007


Kelly in Lawrenceville, GA

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Jojos Circus Party

For my daughter's 2nd birthday, we decided to have a JoJo's Circus party. 

For her invitations, I took a picture of her and had it cropped into a picture with JoJo and Goliath.  It read, Hey JoJo what do you say? Let's celebrate Emily's 2nd Birthday!  Appearing "At the Big Top" on (list date).  Showtime: 3:00 p.m. Location: Neighborhood Clubhouse.  R.S.V.P. to the ringmaster.  The invitations turned out really cute.   We held the party at our neighborhood clubhouse so we could have a large open room.  The room was decorated with 36 colorful balloons and red blue and yellow streamers.  The tables were covered with tableclothes featuring JoJo purchased from  Ten kids were invited and all were there!  A cd of songs from JoJo's circus was playing as guests arrives. 

As the kids arrived each one was given a new box of crayons(decorated with a label that had JoJo printed on it and a message thanking them for coming to the party) and a coloring book filled with pictures and mazes of JoJo and her friends.  The pictures were printed off the Disney website and from the new DVD. 

Once all the guests arrived the ringmaster (Emily's older cousin age 11) opened the show.  First up was Trina's Tightrope.  We had spray painted a 6 foot 2x4 blue and it was used as the tightrope. (This idea came from  Trina (Emily's 6 year old older sister) led the kids in a tightrope  walk while the song "Balance Balance" from the JoJo cd played in the background.  They loved it! 

Next we played "Pin the Nose on JoJO".  I had taken one of the coloring sheets and enlarged JoJo's picture onto a posterboard.  The kids took turns pinning JoJo's nose on her.  When we were finished I past out scratch off card which I purchased on Ebay. The cards read "Find Goliath and Win". Each guest got 4 (I made sure each kid got 1 winning ticket).  They had to scratch off their card and see if Goliath was hiding on their card.  The winners receive a foam clown nose which I purchased from 

Once everyone was decked out with their clown nose it was time for Mrs. Kersplatski's clown school.  Today's Lesson was on juggling.  Emily's Uncle agreed to show the little ones how to juggle using 3 little sponge balls purchased from the dollar store.  They looked so cute with their clown nose throwing the balls up in the air. To calm down our next activity was "Hot Po'Tater'"  I purchased a Tater beanbag off of ebay and we used it for the game.  We again used the JoJo cd.  When the music stopped whoever was holding Tater was out.  When you were out you were given a pair of lips that whistled (also purchased from  This made "getting out" easier for the younger ones. 

Next we quickly set out some hula hoops and made a small coarse for the kids to jump through like Goliath while we played the song "Hoop Jump".  While the kids were playing and having fun Emily's other sister age 4 going on 14 slipped into the restroom and was dressed up in a JoJo costume.  When she was ready we played the "Theme Song" for her entrance and then we had "Twist and Turn with JoJo".  We played several of the songs that involved movement.  The kids had a blast dancing and acting silly with JoJO. 

Next came a magic show by Emily's older cousin age 14.  This calmed the kids down some after the dance and involved her older cousin as well. 

The last game we played was Dinky's Peanut search.  Since we have a peanut allergy in the family using really peanuts was out of the question.  So for this activity I filled a small inflated swimming pool with packing peanuts.  The kids then had to dig and find rainbow peanuts.  To make the rainbow peanuts I peeled and broke several boxes of crayon.  Then I place several pieces of different colored into the baking cupcake papers.  I melted the crayons in the oven on 200 degrees.  Once they had complete melted and were liquid I removed them from the oven and allowed them time to cool.  After cooling remove the papers and the crayons look like rainbows shaped like reese's peanut butter cups!  They loved finding their rainbow peanuts! 

The pizza arrived just in time.  Of coarse we served the pizza on JoJo plates and the cups were circus tents with straws (very cute and ordered from  Then came cake and ice cream.  The cake was made using the JoJo and Goliath cake topper(also from 

For the big finalle we had a Big Top Pinata (also from and the kids were thrilled with the candy as it fell from the trap door.  The Pull String kit made it so easy to use! Goody bags were filled with circus animal sunglasses animal stickers animal beach balls more lip whistles (all purchased from and candy plus everyone took their clown noses home. This birthday party was a lot of FUN!  "

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