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Rainbow Party -5yr- Rainbow Musical Chairs



April 2010


Linda in Downers Grove, IL USA

Honorable Mention

Rainbow Party

My 5 year old daughter decided on a RAINBOW birthday party.  We had 18 children, boys and girls, and it was a GREAT party!  

Invitations:  The invitations were made out of skyblue cardstock and folded so it looked like a double door.  I cut half circles out of different colored paper to look like a rainbow, glued them all together and stuck them on the door"  When you opened the door it said "Slide on over the Rainbow to Jenna's 5th birthday".   

Decorations:  we had skyblue tablecloths white "cloud" plates and napkins and a rainbow ribbon runner across the table.  I ordered 2 dozen balloons (4 in each color tied together) and put them in rainbow order in the living room. I had tie dye rainbow material weaved thru the staircase a huge rainbow made out of craft foam in the front window and crepe paper in every color of the rainbow hanging from the buffet table. 

I also had these huge corrugated cardboard flowers in everycolor of the rainbow hung on the window in the eating area where half the party took place.  Down in the basement we made another rainbow on the basement wall out of crepe paper and had rainbow pinatas that served as decorations before the pinata game. 

Activities and Food:  As the children came in they painted a rainbow suncatcher (from Oriental trading) I had 4 kiddie tables and adult helpers for each table.  After that I gathered them in the living room and asked them what we needed for a rainbow (they all screamed RAIN! and then I said we can't have any clouds right?  We need to stomp out all the clouds in the basement so the rainbows will come out!)  we headed down to the basement where I had taped down about 150 feet of 24" wide bubble wrap.  We turned on the music and the kids went CRAZY jumping on the bubble wrap.  (I purchased it online and it was about $40-way cheaper than a blow up jumpee!!) The parent helpers cleaned up the suncatchers and prepared lunch while the kids were downstairs. 

We had pizza rainbow colored goldfish and a huge fruit platter (cocentric circles of rainbow colored fruit-strawberries cantalope pineapple green grapes blueberries and purple grapes).  After lunch we went downstairs again and I split the group into 2 for the pinatas.  I found sand pails at the dollar store in every color of the rainbow and wrote the guests names on them with paint pen and they used that for their candy (and it was their souvenier) They were rainbow pinatas (from and I filled them with skittles jolly ranchers mini m&ms etc.  I wound up splurging on good candy and t hat doubled as their take home favors rather than getting crummy cheap candy and toys that the parents would just throw out anyway! 

After that we played a version of musical chairs-rainbow style.  I cut construction paper in half in all the colors of the rainbow-I had 16 rectangles of each color all over the floor.  When the music stopped we called out a color and the kids had to run to stand on that color.  2 kids got out. As they got out they each got a bag of rainbow colored skittles.  Then we took 2 more squares away of each color and continued on until there was one winner.  The kids loved this game.  

Cake/dessert/favors:  We finished the party by going back upstairs for rainbow cake (a 14" round cake cut in half stuck together and frosted to look like a rainbow) and make your own sundaes (with sprinkles and m&m's in every color of the rainbow and the kids got to pick out their favorite color of sprinkles and m&ms)  Then we opened gifts.  As the kids left they each got a balloon to match their personalized sand pail.  Everyone raved about the party and it was so much fun!!"

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