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Rock Star Party  (7-12yr) Makeup Booth



December 2011


Emma in Corona, CA, United States

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Rock Star Party

This Rockin' Party is tons of fun, and we did it on a $200 budget with seventeen attendees (including the party girl) 

INVITATIONS: For invitations, I created a flyer on the computer. Theme colors are black, pink and purple, and I used rockstar clip art. They were pretty simple, and included all the necessary information. The bottom half of the flyer was a V.I.P. ticket. I printed One V.I.P. Pass, _____'s Birthday Party. One admittance. Includes all activities, dinner, snacks, and dessert. Show at door for admittance, which they were to cut off of the flyer and show at the door. You can be a little more creative if you have the time. 

DECORATIONS: Use black, purple and pink for the theme colors. Hang, drape, decorate with Pink, Purple and Black streamers and balloons in every conceivable place. Also, search online for head-shot photos of famous rock stars (I/E The Beach Boys, Elvis, Led Zeppelin etc.) and print them out in B&W on light purple or pink construction paper. Cut closely around the photos, cut out circles of pink and purple construction paper, and decorate walls with collages of rock star pictures overlapped and bubbles (circles). I'm sorry I can't describe it any better than that, so you'll have to imagine and experiment. Find some soft rock songs (iTunes), burn your selections to a disk, and play in the background. Make sure to turn it down low, because it's probably already going to be pretty loud with however many girls/boys you invite without Led Zeppelin screaming along at full volume. We also stuck a golden star on the bathroom door like a changing room. (Which actually wasn’t our idea; we saw it on a different party listed here.)  

ACTIVITIES/GAMES: For activities and games, we started right away. Set up a few booths" in one room. Have one with makeup one with hair accessories and one with paint. (we used acrylic but face paint is probably advisable) Also have a box of costume pieces in a corner. (Big sunglasses funny belts anything sequin-y feather boas etc.) As soon as the girls arrive bring them to one of the booths. Distribute the girls evenly; you should only have three or for girls at each "booth".  

Makeup Booth: Have an adult give the girls a makeover. Bright eyeshadow lots of eyeliner and plenty of sparkles gives the desired effect.   Hair Booth: Have an adult use colored hair extensions curled ribbons and lots of clips and hair ties to create messy fun hairstyles on each girl.   Face Paint: Have an adult paint guitars swirls or even "makeup" on the girls' faces; whatever they want that goes with the rock star theme. But stay well away from the eyes.  

COSTUMES: Let the girls handle this themselves but make sure everyone gets something.  Make sure to get lots of pictures.  After the makeovers have dinner and then have a Lip-Rocking competition.   We created a "stage" with plastic table covers. Tape one black table cover to the wall (for the back) and decorate with sparkly stars cut out of foam or stickers. Tape two red table covers at the sides as curtains. (Either hanging at the side or extending out). Borrow a drum set electric piano and microphone and microphone stand or buy foam plastic version etc.

Also inflatable guitars. Arrange on "stage". Have girls separate into teams of three or four and have them pick a band name. (You may need to help them with this.) Pick a few soft rock and age-appropriate songs for the teams to choose from. After they choose a song (and it should be easy to learn) let them each practice lip-singing it once. Then have teams one at a time perform on stage. Having an adult stand at the light switch can work as lighting for a strobe effect. Have three adults/supervisors judge the kids on Charisma how Convincing the performance was and Creativity. After each band performs get lots of pictures of the bands in wacky poses. Award 1st 2nd and 3rd place ribbons ( has some) and if there are more teams give everyone else an Honorable Mention.   Then we had a piñata. This of course is optional and also doesn’t need any explaining.  

COSTUMES: We did ask all the guests to come in their best rock-star outfit and then they also added to the costumes when they got their makeover.  

FOOD: We did the new party standard Hot and Ready pizzas chips and fruit punch. 

CAKE: We didn’t do cake since the party girl wasn’t really a cake fan. Instead we had DIY ice-cream sundaes.

FAVORS: The girls got to bring home all the candy they collected from the piñata and an inflatable guitar; the same ones used in the lip-rocking competition.  

EXTRAS: If you have extra time fill with Freeze Dance. Camping lights will make cute spotlights for the stage but you’re on your own setting them up. The curly ribbons used for presents make cute hair accessories. The age range I put for this is 7-12 but it can be enjoyed by all ages!  "

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