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Rock Star Twin Party -5yr- Rock CD Invite



January 2011


Jude in New York, NY, USA

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Rock Star Party

I have twins one girl and one boy. They both settled for a rockstar theme. It turned out fantastic! We live in New York City so it wasn't anything major or huge. We had the party in my mother's brownstone on the fifth floor-(best part: it was free, and her fifth floor has riser-like stairs up against a wall, like a mini stage).

For invitations I took a picture with both of my kids in rockstar outfits and made it look like a CD cover.  On the inside we wrote:  ROCK ON WITH LENNON AND POET - THE STAGE: (my moms full address)  THE CONCERT: October 9th, 2010 @ 2:30-5:30 - and all the other basic info Each child got to invite 4 people from school, and 2 outside friends. (otherwise with my two other boys and 5 cousins it would be utter chaos)

For set-up we rented two kid sized chairs and rectangular tables that seated about 8 each and put them each on one side of the room. We also took  2 other rounded tables my mom had that seated about 8 each for the adults. We covered the tables with skull and crossbone table cloth and had black napkins and cutlery.

For each twin we also did a different color in plates and accessories. For Lennon(my son) he chose green and blue. For Poet(my daughter) she chose purple, and orange. We bought plates, and cups according to those colors chosen. We bought black, purple, green, orange, red, blue balloons and tied them to the stair rails(each rail a different color), and tied them down to the chairs and taped them to the wall behind the stage". 

We also had rented enough chairs to put audience seating in front of the little stage so each guest had a seat. I asked my 1213151617 teen nieces and nephews to help with arty activities since they were a bit too old to participate. SO instead I had nephews work with my son's guests and the nieces work with my daughters. (it was 4 and 4 which was fair :) ).

We set up a "ROCKER TRANSPORT SYSTEMS" where the kids were able to dress themselves up like rockers and celebrities. We put a bunch of old t-shirts halloween costumes funky hats and glasses  and a bunch of thrifty jewelry. wIth the help of my nieces and sister we even face painted the kids. (because someone had to look like Lady Gaga and the other like a member of Kiss right?)

After we had asked my nephew's band to come and play a few songs  so it could be like an actual concert for the kids. They played kids friendly songs and even modified popular songs from Z100!(a nyc radio station) My husband found his sisters old Karaoke machine and we put words to popular songs on a projector screen and had the kids sing one by one in duets  while the other kids danced along. (hint: it was a hit with the parents too because these are 1st graders and it helped them with their reading skills ;) )

For other games we played freeze dance pin the drumstick to the drummer(drawn by my husband and staples labels). For the older crowds of  teen siblings and cousins(the ones that weren't helping-or taking breaks from helping) we set up a small room with a TV and Wii and a small couch and beanbag chairs. We gave them rockband and just dance video games and they were perfect!(we gave 'em some popcorntoo)

For food we pulled a classic-PIZZA. Kids love pizza especially when you give them pre-made crust cheese sauce and a bunch of different toppings so they can make their own. While the pizza's were baking we had he kids make their music video. We split them into groups of four gave them props and one of my nephews. I Had my nephews use their flip cams and record  different groups.

When the pizza's were ready the kids ate the pizza along with some french fries and chips(which were laid out throughout the party). We had pizza for the parents aswell. We played Kidz bop during the "feast". The kids later gathered around the cake table. We had one for each child.(both ice cream cakes) the cakes had mini music notes and said "Happy birthday rockstar (Lennon-Poet)"

For favors we gave out pre-made t-shirts purple for Poet and Green for Lennon all about size small. Each t-shirt said on the front: "irock" and on the back "-ed out at (child's name) birthday party". We also gave out party bags with assorted candies and microphone shaped erasers.

For thank you notes we sent them a DVD of their music video along with an extra "bonus" video with a personal thank you from the kids. It was a huge success! :)"

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