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Party Like A Rockstar -9yr- Musical Stars



June 2011


Tara in Sunbury, PA          United States

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Rock Star Party

My son Ryan wanted a Rockstar theme for his 9th birthday party. We held the party in the social hall of our church. There is a built in stage that came in handy for the concert feeling! My sister created concert ticket invitations for me. They were printed front and back on cardstock and looked like an actual ticket for a concert! They invited the guests to a one night only" concert to see Ryan.

We went with red black purple and silver for the color scheme. All of the tables were covered in red black or purple tablecovers. The centerpieces were tall silver balloon weights with silver stars shooting out of them. I took craft foam from Michaels that was glittery in black and red and cut out music notes and guitar shapes and attached them to the base. We tied mylar star balloons in red black and purple to the weights. We also had star confetti sprinkled around the base.

We bought mini guitar shaped dishes online and filled them with Hershey Miniatures and Hershey Nuggets and placed them on the table as well. I used larger address labels and printed them up to say "Ryan Rocks!" and added rockstar clip art to them. I then wrapped the label around the mini candy bars and nuggets to make them personalized. Each place setting had a pack of Pop Rocks candy at it as a favor. We purchased Rockstar patterned tableware from Party City. We decorated the stage with stars and silver streamers.

When each child arrived they received a lanyard and VIP backstage pass a pair of sunglasses and an inflatable guitar. We sprayed their hair w/ hair color(after getting parent approval!) and gave them rockstar tattoos. Most of them came dressed in their best rocker attire. We started off with a banner that I purchased online. It looked like a rock band with the faces cut out. We hung it up and the kids took turns "posing" behind it. We took their picture and luckily CVS is right next door! We ran the pics over for 1 hour processing. We handed them out at the end of the party.

We decided to go with food that you would purchase at a rock concert. We served hotdogs chicken fries french fries and nachos. I purchased paper trays for the hotdogs and "french fry boats" and plastic trays for the nachos from a concession supplier. I wanted it to have the real feel of concert food! We also served "Jammin" jello jigglers cut out in the shapes of stars and guitars and "Rockin" rootbeer floats! The kids loved the food! We then started the games. I made up game sheets on the computer. The first one was "Ryan's mixed up rock words". I scrambled the letters to 10 rockstar words and the kids had to unscramble them.

The second sheet was "Match the song to the band/artist". I put 12 songs that I knew the kids would know down one side of the paper and mixed up the artists on the other side. They had to draw a line from song to artist. We played a rockstar version of musical chairs next. I made giant stars out of black posterboard and used silver glitter to write the names of rock bands on each one. I placed them in a circle on the floor and taped them down. We played "Rock N Roll All Night" by KISS as the kids walked around the stars. When the music stopped they had to jump on a star. Each round I pulled one star off the floor so whoever didn’t have a star to jump on sat out. The last 2 players were the funniest circling that last star! I purchased rockstar trophies online at Oriental Trading and handed those out to the winners as well as a rockstar notebook and pencil.

Then it was time to sing Happy Birthday to Ryan and cut the cake. We actually purchased the cake at Walmart's bakery. I researched all kinds of stores and bakeries before settling on them. It looked amazing with a big red plastic guitar decoration and black and purple trim. While the kids ate their cake Ryan opened his gifts. We then allowed the kids to go up on the stage and "ROCK OUT"! We played rock music throughout the party but turned it way up for them to put on their concert! They sang and danced until the parents came.

I purchased cool guitar shaped treat bags and tons of rockstar stuff from Lori's Parties. I had rockstar gummies rock candy rubber rock bracelets guitar keychains guitar bubbles rock pencils and an assortment of candy and pixie stix in their bags. They also got to take home their inflatable guitars sunglasses picture and got to pick a rocker pin.

The kids and parents seemed to love everything and we had many compliments. It was so much fun to plan! Ryan was thrilled with his party and said "We sure did party like Rockstars"!  "

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