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Michael Jackson Party -5yr- Pin the Glove on MJ



July 2011


Bridgett in Fayetteville, AR United States

Honorable Mention

Rock Star Party

My son loves, loves, loves Michael Jaskson. He plays Michael Jacksons Xperience on his Wii all the time. So we decided this year he would have a MJ party.

Invitations: I made them up on the computer to look like Michael Jackson concert tickets. They Read, It's a Party Michael Jackson" Style Moonwalk on Over to A..... 5th  Birthday Party. Come Have a Thriller of a Time! We rented out the kids space at a local gym we did this because 5 is a big number in our household. All my kids have summer birthdays and normally we would just go to the park. But for 5 we rent a venue. I chose this place because the kids could just run around and the adults did not have to supervise every move. The Gym has a big 2 story maze a small climbing wall party room and a huge gym with Bounce House.

For Decoration: We decorated the party room with Black and White ballons I got from Walmart Black and White streamers from hobby lobby and we through in small touches of blue since this is my sons favorite color. Black and White table cloths on all the tables total of 5 tables. I printed black and white photos of MJ off the internet and hung those around the room.

Party Favors:I ordered plastic Fedora Hats and blow-up microphones off the internet. I used these as place settings for each child.

Cake/Food:I ordered the cake from a local cake shop with the hopes they wouldn't have an issue with copy right They didn't. It was a white sheet cakewhith black music notes an black image of MJ on his toes his famous glitter glove in the upper left corner and it read Happy 5th Birthday Our Prince of POP" We served pizza from the local pizza chain and sherbet/ginger ale punch. 

Acitivites:The kids started out by playing in the maze while we wait for them to arrive. We all went out to the gym where there was a bouncehouse that the gym provided some kids chose to play in there. We played Musical Chairs while Michael Jackson music played(of course) as the kids were out they were dismissed to the bouncehouse. Next my nephew(MC'd) introduced our guest of honor my oldest whom is 13 and also loves Michael Jackson came out dressed in homemade costume(he was MJ for halloween last year) he danced to DANGEROUS! The kids loved it the parents thought it was awesome as well. Then for the kids who wanted to learn my son gave moonwalking lessons to whoever wanted to learn.

Last game we had planned was Pin the GLOVE on MJ my 13 year is also a great artist he drew MJ in the "this is it" pose on black poster board that cost 25 cents at the dollar store I bought some scrapbook paper at hobby lobby that was white with black music notes on it we traced my 5 year old hands and cut them out and gave one to each child. We used the Fedoras as a blind folds pulled down over their eyes spun them around 3 times and then the put the glove on MJ. Some kids wanted to go more than once.

Afterwards all the games were played we worked up some appetite we headed to the  party room for pizza cake and presents.  But before our guest could leave we had one more gift in store for them. An disco ball pinata this was all I could find that was close to the theme. Not a lot of MJ stuff on the market. We had each child take a smack at it before we pulled the string and let the candy/treats fall out. The fedora's were used to hold their treats. 

Thank You Cards:About a week after the party was over I headed back to hobby lobby and picked up these foam glitter sheets. Traced my sons hand again and cut out. I wrote thank you's on the back which was just plain white on the from I wrote I love MJ  and included pictures from the party and mailed them. "

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