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Rolie Polie Party -3yr- Olie Poster Decorations



June 2002


Tiffany in Port Orchard, Washington, USA

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Rolie Polie Olie Party

Rolie Polie Olie party for a 3 y/o girl  Invites: I scanned the cover of one of my daughter's Olie books and did a lot in the Paint program to get rid of the title/author stuff. I then added the phrase "Rolie Polie Olie and Zowie here to invite you to a super swell birthday party for {name of child}". Inside, I used lots of colors and different sized circles and along with the party info I put on the top "All the super duper details" and on the bottom "say you'll come, Okey Dokey?" I tried to keep in mind words/phrases that Olie likes to use. 

Favors: I found a store called Packaging Specialties in Seattle, WA they have so many neat things!! We used a small white box that when folded had a handle on it and a window into it. I put dot stickers all over it (garage sale stickers from target I think!). Inside, I put mostly round things or things that would go with the show  (like Zowie had a harmonica, so I put in the little cheapie ones from the party store.) Bouncy balls, pinwheels, telescopes, playdoh in the party pak sizes, tops, yo-yos, kazoos, glow sticks (no real correlation I just always end up putting them in!!). I was going to make little coloring books from the pages at , but ended up running out of time but the little packs of 4 crayola crayons that my friend had been saving from a restaurant still went in the boxes! Candy favors were lifesavers, & candy necklaces.

Finally, I found small mylar Olie Heads (the small balloons like you see at the checkout at some stores on the stick) on ebay and got enough to send one home with each child.  Snack food I made a kid trail mix out of cereals fruit loops, kix, cheerios, golden grahams (have to represent Billy Bevel too!). The kids LOVED it. We also had lemonade with round ice cubes. We also used goldfish crackers (the Fishy episodes), cheese puffs, skittles, pretzel sticks and that sort of thing in yellow bowls on the table. (some foods went with Olie because of shape (round or square) others b/c of specific episode stuff. 

The Cake I found directions for a teapot cake on birthday express, but decided I wasn’t up to the challenge!! So I went to the bakery and took a copy of the front view of Olie’s house and asked that they make it look like the walkway up to the door. Then I scanned a pic of his house and laminated it and put it on the back side of the cake. I found cupcake toppers online ( Ebay?) and used one each of Olie, Zowie and Spot. 

Decorations/plates etc I used bright solid colors like red, yellow and hot pink plates & napkins. I didn’t bother with cups since the kids were all 3 so I told their parents to bring a fresh sippy cup with them! I found an Olie poster on Ebay and had it laminated and put it on the wall behind the cake/snacks table. Also on Ebay I found the Mylar balloons and at the latex balloons for nice balloon bouquets. I used some inside at the food table and the rest outside under the canopy we had out in case it rained. 

Games/Activities I scanned a picture of Spot and enlarged it minus his tail (which I enlarged separately) and a friend had it laminated so we could play pin the tail on Spot. I also found an inflatable swimming pool that had brightly colored dots all around it and we played games with throwing balls into rings -- but that just turned into throw the ball and see the splash which was pretty funny! I had purchased supplies to make olie head toppers out of yellow bowls and black pipe cleaners/poms but the kids were having so much fun playing we didn’t bother with it.

I have found that with this age group, there is such an interest in some one else's toys that I either put all of my daughters toys in a room with the door shut to keep the kids interested in what we are doing or I just let them have fun for a while and then transition them to another activity. 

When the kids were winding down but the parents were still visiting, I just put in Olie videos and the kids had some quiet time together. All in all we had a great time! I get lots of requests for this party info so I wanted to put it on your site for everyone to have access to it! Thanks!

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