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70's Skate Party -5yr- Flower Power Invite



February 2007


Kenisha in Dallas, TX


Roller Skating Party

Skating Party 5 Year Old 

My daughter's birthday is in January, so I thought skating would be a good idea!

We started the party at noon, and skated for 2.0 hours at a private skating facility.

INVITATIONS: I made them on really funky stationery( pretty paper) I purchased at a invitation shop.  You can buy this anywhere (Target has really nice stationary)!! I used some 70's slang, and I put a little girl with a afro and flower power gear on the invitation (clip art from Microsoft word). I typed them up on my computer and then print them out. This is very easy!

I also had the little ones dress in 70's gear (they were all so cute).

DECORATIONS: I purchased glow in the dark bracelets and necklaces from the dollar store. I also placed colorful confetti on the tables.  The party favors are going to be flower power good bags with candy from the 70's, charm bracelets, and mood rings.

FOOD: We had pizza. The drinks were sodas. 

Hope this helped, it's a lot of fun. Skating does cost quite a bit, for rentals and everything, but you can always invite less people.

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